On Monday 31st of October 2011, Saeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed the country's right to host the 21st soccer championship Gulf Cup, referring that Basra city is a qualified province and needs to such major projects to host major sporting events as of the next 21st Gulf Cup.
 This event took place during his inspection tour to Basra Province with and MPs delegation as they visited the sports city of Basra.
 Some detailed plans viewed to His Eminence by the sport facilities’ officials and workers as well as the rest of the Sport City facilities of hotels, restaurants and recreational places.
 Al-Hakeem expressed his happiness over the completion of such important and large projects in Basra, as it has long suffer and marginalization because of the old regime, he considered Basra as the lungs of Iraq, urging workers in the Sports City to redouble efforts to achieve this important national project.
 In the meantime, the sports city cadres and workers expressed their warm welcome to His Eminence visit as they thank him for his continuing interest in sports, athletes and the general youth population in Iraq