On Thursday 24th of November, 2011, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Stressed the necessity for better strategy to build a comprehensive and integrated cultural view in reality of the country, indicating that the efforts must be organized in one unified and integrated project
This event took place during his Eminences’ speech on the 20th conference of the whistleblowers and informants of al-Mihrab Martyr Foundation, which was attended by the presence of thousands of religious scholars and representatives of the religious authority in Najaf province
The religious men blessed the great attendance for this conference, which witnessed huge attendance and participation of thousands of whistleblowers and informants’ religious scholars in all provinces of the country.

His eminence referred in his speech, that both messages of al-Ghadeer and Muharram occasions are just one message with too many directions, but unite in the significance and content, indicating that the central situation and pivotal in the case of Imam Hussein (PBUH) is relevant to the integration of the individual and group, the realization of rights, the defense of the oppressed and the reform the path of life, pointing out that the message of Imam Hussein is the message of life as that of whom sacrifices he do so in order to enable the others to live, builds and starts over again in this life based on truth and justice, stressing that the project submitted by the Imam Hussein (PBUH) was an entrance into building the justified rule to face the deviation for example when a ruler unjust and behavior deviates from his obligations towards his people and nation.

Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem called the whistleblowers and informants to commit to the commandments that will success their information mission (al-tablegh) as he stressed the importance of sincerity and trust in Allah, to form good and the embodiment of personal idealism and wisdom of discussed topics, as well as good manners and the ability to talk and persuasion and societal openness, stressing the the importance of the ability to build relationships with influential and successful people and direct contact with them in a positive constructive and true knowledge and take in the information provided to the people as well as the ability to informant exceed to skip the inconvenience and to be patience.
However in his speech, His Eminence cleared that Iraq is a country of many races, nationalities, sects, religions, and political orientation, stressing that Iraq cannot be unified but only through partnership, cooperation and trust among all parties and when they take on their responsibility in the balance between rights and duties, stressing the need for a stable and quiet political space away from the bickering, escalation and abuse, pointing that political stability can be achieved by the national unity and that this would be reflected in the security, stability, economic recovery and improve services to the citizens. 

Ayatollah Sayeed Muhammad Saeed al-Hakeem speech;

 The Grand Ayatollah religious authority, Sayeed Mohammed Saeed al-Hakeem (Allah saves him) called the officials in the government and the security agencies to take precautions and make all possible efforts to maintain the security and safety of the citizens using successful plans to prevent terrorists from reaching their goals during month of Muharram, noting in his speech that delivered on his behalf by Sayeed Aladdin al-Hakeem that the terrorists and Allah rejecters were and still targeting crowds and gatherings of Imam Hussein Memorial celebrators in this holy month
He also assured in his speech, to strive hard so as to address the shortage of services, pay much attention to the real interests of the population and alleviate the suffering of their performance of duty and to preserve the secretariat, which fought to carry around 

Ayatollah Sheikh Ishaq al-Fayad speech

Ayatollah Sheikh Ishaq al-Fayad, presented his appreciation upon the efforts of al-Mihrab Martyr Foundation in sponsoring the Conference of the whistleblowers and informants, continuing the the communication and renewal of the meeting among the believers, asking Allah to give them the success and development.
His Eminence cleared in the speech delivered on his behalf by Sheikh Ali al-Rubaie that Iraq is in critical phase of its long history, in which surrounded by the evil and darkness powers from all over the world of terrorists, spoilers and very bad men.

His Eminence also pointed to:

1 - To lead people towards the persistent calls of their rights and not to ignore the injustice, exploitation and corruption, but it should be demanding in civilized peaceful ways which generally accepted and avoid roads and violent riot cases, because it’s right of the people guaranteed by the Constitution and that the government cannot prevent people from it.
2 - To lead people towards peaceful coexistence, leave the sectarian and ethnic differences, not allow fomenting sedition and publication of enmity among the one people, but to hold the brotherhood situation which brings us together.
3 – Present demands to the political blocs and parties to give up their personal interests and special purposes and stop to run behind the positions and chairs and adversarial with the politicians partners because that will make them little by little isolated and ostracized from the people and then they lose everything.
4 - Present demands to the political parties to work hardly and urgently to resolve crises that the country suffered from and to intensify efforts to provide the basic services as quickly as possible, otherwise the people's patience is running out.
6 - Repeat the calls to amendment the salaries according to the career and reduce the high salaries of some governmental officials because it is rejected and very painful to the hearts of Iraqis who can’t find their way easily to live 
7 - To launch a major campaign against the administrative and financial corruption to make the coming years in control of this dangerous disease that affects the Iraqi people and causes the risk and damage from the inside, the citizen has become suffering from this phenomenon when getting rights became hard and the citizen have to pay huge bribes. Si this is a high risk and dangerous as the danger of terrorists and criminals.
8 - To activate the Constitution and to commit to its articles which written by the people through the representatives to ensure the future of all individuals in all of the important spaces of life, especially in the ​​beliefs and freedom of the voting.

Ayatollah Sheikh Sayeed Bashir al-Najafis’ speech

Sayeed Bashir al-Najafis, one of the religious authority, called the informants to tell the Iraqi people clearly that the Najaf leaders and the religious authority are not satisfied with the performance of the central government and local governments, noting in his speech that he delivered on behalf of his son Sheikh Ali al-Najafi at the conference,  that the corruption is available in many governmental departments, waste and embezzlement of public properties and money and bribery rampant in all the corridors of the state almost. Citing with Quran when says “may Allah destroy your enemy, and the power turns to your hands to see about what you are going to do”.
His Eminence stressed also the need to alert people and educate them that the reliving of Imam Hussein memorial must overcrowded with the other religion duties such as prayer, so people must commitment to the veil and the embodiment of all the attention the Imam Hussein case. He pointed to the importance of the memorial reliving in a way which does not inconsistent with the rest of the legitimate duties as the Prayer, the most important one.