On Saturday 26th of November 2011, the Minister of Education Dr. Mohammad Tamim expressed his admiration to the development and the good cultural, educational and legal level of al-Mihrab Martyrs’ high school, pointing out that this Foundation assists the government, state and those whom in charge of the educational process to push the educational process forward, as it’s "a real breakthrough to build an integrated community to establish peace, fraternity and love"
The Minister of Education confirmed – during his participation in (Imam Ali) schools graduation’s ceremony by the sponsor of al-Hakeem in Najaf Province, that the ministry will review the laws that were issued about the special educational schools and its support provided to these private schools.
Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed that the school is a producer institution and good maker for great community which can achieve a cohesive society especially if the start was correct; pointing that the any society can be evaluated by its educational system and behavior in school.
This event took place Najaf during His Eminences’ speech at the first pupils’ graduation ceremony for the schools of (Imam Ali) in Najaf and in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Education Dr. Mohammad Tamim, and huge audience of educated and thinkers in the province.

 Family and school are both complete each other

 Al-Hakeem emphasized that the family and school completed each other as they are the main source for the separate the national Islamic and religion culture in our societies, stressing the importance of cooperation and integration between them in order to create a coherent and sophisticated balanced generation in its personality.
His Eminence called to work towards the integration of roles and conciliation between family and school, indicating that the signals, messages, and the cultures difference that received by the child from family or school can causes confusion to him and this way he might be loses lots of opportunities.

 Interesting to the applying education

Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem referred to the ingredients that ensures the future for a strong society that able to achieve its aspirations, calling to pay more attention to the ways of thinking but not just aspects of the theory as to pay attention to the applied scientific which turns the science into skill then the ability to perform and build, as well as instilling the religious and national senses to promote trust and develop the ability to correct the vision, transfer the idea and develop the capacity, emphasizing on the importance of developing and teaching methods and tools, and train and increase the scientific abilities of the teaching staff.