Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stressed that the marriage is not just a whim or humanity need, but the marriage according to the view of Islam is much deeper as it's reflects the first step forward building qualified society and human integration.
His Eminence emphasized - in his speech during the sponsorship of the 8th mass wedding ceremony for 500 young men and women held by al-Mihrab Martyr Foundation in the province of Nasiriyah on Thursday 9th of February 2012 - that a man when he married, he will get settled down psychologically and takes responsible and balanced attitudes in order to achieve the balance in the society.
Al-Hakeem stressed that manhood is not an authoritarian, injustice, aggression, domination and imposition of an opinion on to others, and same thing for women as they can't be wicked or cheaters.
Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem noted that the West had gone to far in the attack on the values, criticizing the TV Serious which allows illegal relations between men and women, stressing the need to preserve and adherence to religion and legal ​and humanity values ​in the society.
In addition, al-Hakeem stressed the importance of assistance and cooperation between the spouses to achieve harmony and works on the success of the family, noting that humility can't be a result of weakness as many people believes, but it is a sense of responsibility for the success of the marital relationship.
His Eminence indicated that the comfort, pleased and strength which readies itself by the wife are most important qualities told by the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) for the good wife, while the faithful, pure, the good husband to his parents are the required qualities in a successful husband.
To be mentioned that al-Hakeem has sponsored few months ago the marriage of 2000 young women and women during the 7th mass wedding ceremony in Baghdad, which is also held by al-Mihrab Martyr Foundation.