On Sunday 12th of February 2012, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Stressed - in his speech during a meeting with the tribal leaders and elders in Mosul - that every politician should put the Iraq interests before any other interests, stressing that the citizen bloc defends the rights of Nineveh people as for the other provinces. Calling to speed up the solution as soon as possible to fix the files of detainees, noting that the Governments changes every 4 years and that call made by the elections, which determines the officials or changes them.
His eminence pointed, that he came from the capital Baghdad to express the campaign of love, harmony and cooperation messages, because Iraqis have nothing, but Iraq and the unity of the word, and that their power and keys are in their strength, indicating that he will remain close from the citizen by his part to serve him.
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq declared that this current period required the unity among all sides to defeat the enemies, adding that our home problems may affect all inside home, so everybody either wins or loses, stressing that Iraqis as himself, they wants a reality in which pride be available for the citizen
In addition, Sayeed al-Hakeem called - in his speech - the politicians to show their interests to the people as one people in one nation, indicating that there must be an end to the political differences because the citizens wants services and live a normal life as people lives in the regional countries while Iraq enjoys with great opportunities, and elements of success, correct vision and plan for good mechanism work.
His Eminence called politicians to have the Iraqi general budget balanced to the citizen’s interests in the service to makes him feel it while he is on food table, living place and work opportunities.
Al-Hakeem expressed his happiness for the spring season in (spring) town of Mosul, along with the birth day occasion of the Holy Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), considering that this comes to give a message of love and brotherhood to the politicians
His Eminence also pointed to the importance of trust in Allah and defeats the problems recalling the role of Imam Sayeed Muhsin al-Hakim in contacting with the Iraqi tribes everywhere in the country