On Sunday 12th of February 2012. Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of the Iraqi visited “Shabak” neighbourhoods in Nineveh Plain and called them for more consistency, hard work, love, and strengthen the brotherhood faith, stressing that every drop of blood spilled in Iraq because of terrorists will turn into a volcano blows the darkness and terrorism.
Al-Hakeem stressed that Nineveh province is a miniature sample of Iraq as it contains different religions and ethnic groups that represent the Iraqi true society, praising the Shabak people for their courage and bearing difficulties for their great precious sacrifices due to the targeting against them by terrorists,
His Eminence indicating that the Shabak people, suffered allot because they were following Prophet Mohamed’s way and patience, so the relationship between the Prophet (PBUH) and Imam Hussein (PBUH) is exactly as the Prophet expressed it when he said “Hussein is myself and I am Hussein” because the message of Imam Hussein is the message of reform and righteousness in life and construction.
Al-Hakeem also stressed at the same time that everyone should learn from the lessons in building the country on correct bases along with the Birth Day of Mohamed occasion, because Iraq must be built by his sons as they are able to solve their problems and challenges, calling for everyone to be as one hand and one people in facing the terrorism and defeat the problems that affects building our nation
He pointed out that his presence in this region also reflects the extension of the relationship built by the religious authority of Imam Sayeed Muhsin al-Hakeem, al-Mihrab Martyr and Sayeed Abdul-Aziz al-Hakeem, praising the substantial role of al-Najaf religious authority in defending the people in good and bad times, considering it as a source of pride in the country