On Sunday 12th of February 2012. Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of the Iraqi met a large crowd of Christian people at Bartilla town in Mosul, stressing that the difference and views multiplicity is the core of pluralism while the disagreement leads to the unilateralism, calling on everyone to live under one unified Iraq in all of its components.
Al-Hakeem said during his meeting Christian brothers at Bartilla, that “the Christian component is real competent not fake added number to the population, as the Christians was and still can affect more than it appears, calling on everyone in new Iraq to be equal in rights and duties, adding that Iraq brought them together because it’s larger and wider context, as the need for economic and social integration to solve problems that we face by an Iraqi solutions and reject foreign and imported solutions.
His Eminence Stressed that the Christian brotherhood that links to the rest of the Iraqi people components in this country is the basis of building this country because Iraq - for thousands of years ago - was able to exist in different ethnic groups and religions, because pluralism is the main source of the strength of this people
In addition, al-Hakeem presented his thanks and appreciation for the warm welcome received by the great people of the city of Bartella noting that the Christian component is such a great part of the Iraqi people as we cannot fell Iraq without them, because each component in the country needs his other partner, considering Bartella Town as one of the peace symbols in which the problems can be put on the table to be addressed wisely, justly and fairly
His Eminence called on everyone to face the terrorism through solidarity and harmony, adding that the tears dropped during “Sayidat al-Najat” Church event was tears of all Iraqis and reflected their honest feelings to their partners in Iraq Home.