Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stressed – during his speech delivered at the 9th mass wedding held by al-Mihrab Martyr Foundation in Mesan for 562 young men and women marriage ceremony- that to marriage is one of the important universe and life laws, as it’s a process of integration experienced by the individual in the first social step, indicating that the man associates with his spouse to build a family, the first step in the social structure, and this is expanding circles up to the society in which we share the rights, duties and exchange the roles and positions, pointing out that the entire universe depends on this duality
This event took place in Mesan on Thursday, 16th of February 2012.
"You, O dear today’s spouses, you will start a new life and try the integration of roles” al-Hakeem said to the attended couples."
His Eminence stressed the need to speed up the marriage and the this involvement early in man’s life as it’s prophetic method, pointing out that marriage at an early age allows adaptation of the husband and wife then their life turns into a happy life and solved problems one, however it’s increases the understanding between them and they go complementary with each other, indicating that most of the stories supports women’s good in this situation are came from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and his pure Family.
Sayeed al-Hakeem stressed that Allah made the family life keys in the husband's hands, emphasizing that the keys here does not mean domination, noting that the duty of a wife is to save her husband in his children and his money and not ask him for what he can’t get for her, as it may become a reason of problems in their life.
“The marital independent life and House does not come from the first day, but it needs some more time” al-Hakeem talked to the wives, urging them to defeat the family issues and dissolve it for a happy married life
To be mentioned that al-Mihrab Martyr Foundation have had organized nine celebrations of mass marriage for more than 9 thousand young men and women in Baghdad and Iraq wide.