On Thursday 1st of March 2012, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq met with the Informants in Basra city as he expresses his pride and gratitude for the great work of al-Mihrab Martyr’s followers in defending the basic principles in which Imam Sayeed Muhsin al-Hakeem, al-Mihrab Martyr and Sayeed Abdul-Aziz al-Hakeem sacrificed their lives for.
Al-Hakeem stressed that al-Mihrab Martyr Foundation has a great vision in building a modern state away from the chaotic and emotional attitudes, as it’s capable to reach the success of the Iraqi national political project through the different parts of Iraqi people
His Eminence urged his followers from al-Mihrab Martyrs’ to be interacted for the success of their national and messianic project in order to be more close to the people and serve them, urging al-Mihrab Martyrs’ organizations to vote for the efficient people to provide more service to the citizens in their provinces
In addition, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem also called the informants to pay better attention to the youth so as to immunized them through using the proper ways of religious thought and political right, stressing that the youth represent the hope of the country in its prosperity and advancement as our country contains large capacities and capabilities