On Thursday 1st of March 2012, Sayeed Amar al;-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq met the representatives of the political blocs and parties in the province of Basra.
Al-Hakeem stressed that the next Arab Summit to be held in Baghdad will enhance the position of Iraq and its role in the Arab system, His Eminence added during his meeting with representatives that the policy of good neighborliness and openness will add more positive power to the country, indicating that the strength of Iraq is in building good relations with its Arab and Islamic world
His Eminence listened to the views and proposals of the representatives of Basra, indicating that this province enjoyed with long history, calling on officials to allocate a share of the federal budget that fits the desire of Basra as it’s deferent from the rest of the other provinces, because this province gives while the rest of the other provinces take so it’s different, stressing the country need for better investment to maintain and manage the budget properly