Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the ISCI, launched on 1st of Mar 2012, -during his meeting with the elites and competencies of Basra- an initiative in Basra to be the economic capital of Iraq, calling for establishment a grand city represents the local governments, state institutions and/or presidencies, and ministries so that such official people can spend several months to serve from there, indicating that this city must be deals with as of the Capital Baghdad because of its strategic depth
 His Eminence referred to the need to have a Municipality for Basra for its own as of the Municipality of Baghdad, so that it can built and provide services in there, noting that there is a accommodation crisis in Basra where extremely high number almost 50% of those who have no own house to live in, however the number of people overtaking illegal exceeds almost 40 thousand families, besides the illiteracy in which reaches scary levels of more than 25%
Al-Hakeem also criticized the way of some ministries in keeping their hands over wide range of lands under the pretext of Basra, where the presence of oil, however the primitive methods in how to extract the oil