On Friday 2nd of March 2012, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem head of the Supreme Council Praised the role of Iraqi tribes in taking the national responsibility in defending Islam and Iraq before and after changes that took place in the country during 2003
” We can not look at Iraq without its tribes as we cannot recall the deep cultural and historical of Iraq without the tribes of Iraq and its significant role in the great transformations that witnessed in the country through its long history and present achievements of the wonderful support the process transformation” His eminence added in his speech during meeting large crowd of people and Sheikhs in Qurna District at Basra province in the host of Sheikh Sabah Hatem al-shgambeh, stressing that the tribes have made the history, the present and the future because it is the heart of Iraq
Al-Hakeem Indicated that the religious authority project would not have succeeded without its arm, the tribes, because it represents an extension of reference as well as the inability to separate the clan and the reference because they represent the cohesion of society, considering overtaking on the reference is to overcome the Iraqi tribes because the clan remained stable, firm and steadfast, the largest of any party or system and systems come and go and tribes are the rest
The head of the Supreme Council said in his speech that “when we look at the deep history of tribes, we find that their power comes from being along with its sons but not with the power”
Al-Hakeem called for improve better services to Basra because the indicators shows  that almost 25% of the population suffers from illiteracy and 35% of them without the poverty line and suffer from a significant lack of services, electricity and the water while its location in the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates.
In addition, Sayed Amar al-Hakeem emphasized that the country is not in need for money, men and tribes, but we are in need for real will to influence real change in the current situation, so he noted out that Basra is the heart of Iraq, and that recovery should start from there to other Iraqi provinces
He also called for support the tribes, because their support is because the cohesion of the community and the clan is an important entrance to comply with the law and solve problems as it solve the problems that a few minutes
He recalled the Iraqi tribes in Basra and there continuing with Sayeed Muhsin al-Hakeem