On Thursday 15th of March 2012, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq met – during his tour in Sulaimaniya – the representative of the Union Islamic scholars.
Al-Hakeem Called – during his speech after the meeting- to abide the Constitution and defend it as it safeguard the rights and interests of everyone in the country.
His Eminence added in his speech at a large number of UIS representatives and scholars in the city of Sulaimaniya “the Constitution is the sanctuary and the legal reference that must be bound by it and maintain it and defend it because it guarantees the peaceful transfer of power and make way for citizens to determine the paths of this country” warning of acceptance some of it and leave the other articles.
On the other hand, the head of the ISCI stressed that it’s difficult to separate Iraq from its regional space, stressing that it is difficult to imagine Iraq without taking shifts in the region into its account because it is part of the regional affects system and as it’s affected by, warning at the same time who was behind the sectarianism for political purposes and plays with feelings of people and playing the chord discord to divide the Muslims into sects, considering this is a great danger threatening the Muslims and the unity and love and their brothers because they are the causes of their power, calling for the defense of Muslims of all persuasions and wherever they are, noting that Islam is the framework that brings together everyone.
Al-Hakeem also warned of extremism view of religion as Islam is the approach of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) and his family and close friends, noting that Islam faced distortion at the hands of militants, more than others who were prey and act against Islam in its long history, calling at the same time the preachers and clerics to adopt some modern methods in the rhetoric of up to young people, described as "they are now vulnerable to the cultures of exotic and they are not immune from this phenomena," saying that one of the first tasks of the clergy remind them of the values ​​and ethics and compliance.
For his part, the representative of the Sunni Affairs in Sulaimaniya gave his speech in which he praised al-Hakim's family throughout history in defense of Iraq and Iraqis, hello at the same time to visit of al-Hakim and the accompanying delegation of the city of Sulaimaniya.