Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the ISCI stressed that the university is the largest station young people in the great transformations taking place in communities, adding that the greater role of change for the best is the responsibility of students, which put them on to get armed with science, knowledge, and marking the points of error and exceeded it, indicating the need for renewable energies and overcome creative problems in nation building, which includes everyone.

This event took place during his speech at a gathering of professors, faculty and a large number of students of the University of Sulaimaniya on Thursday, 15th of March 2012

Al-Hakeem also called on students to take their natural role while the unqualified are running the positions at the Iraqi state, however to balance between personal freedom and social customs and traditions to get rid of problems and complications produced by the current stage, stressing that our students are able to meet the challenges of reality and interest in science and knowledge.

In the other context, al-Hakeem expressed his sincere condolences to the families and professional victims of Halabja massacre as he presented his solidarity with Halabjaas the occasion on 16th of March, noting that it reflects the brutality of the former regime, which left while Iraq is still stand, stressing at the same time that this event represents an important symbol of our national symbols that reflect the mixing of Kurd blood with the other bloods of other nationalities of the country as it emphasizes the common interests of Iraq who lived since the days of the late Imam Sayeed Muhsin al-Hakeem.

On the other hand, His Eminence praised the experience of KRG construction and reconstruction, describing it as great one, stressing the lifting of determination to achieve good results, and indicating that the diversity of sectarian, religious and nationalist forces us that ​​partnership except through citizenship and the common interest, dialogue and consequences of Iraq and achieved by the Constitution after the adoption of several laws to achieve the goal desired it as a document reservation of rights and public interests to the people of Iraq, as is the common, at the same time warning of the danger behind act convictions and lack of acceptance of others because he is dysfunctional to the results

He also praised in his speech the experience of Kurdistan in the reconstruction and development, stressing the need to get benefit of our past experiences and our civilization and reach the inspiration and useful items for our present and our future