Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stressed on 17th of March 2012, that Iraq spark political transformations in the region, adding Eminence during a meeting with his accompanying delegation, representatives of political parties and forces in the city of Erbil Saturday, since the uprising of March 1990 to the events of 2003 and the return of will enter the country of Iraq and the election period, have been instrumental in the change process in the region.
His Eminence expressed his admiration for the experience of the Kurdistan region in the development of security, development and reconstruction as well as optimism about the future of Iraq, returned true partnership is the means that should not be ignored because we are one body does not accept retail, stressing at the same time, and that profit can not be only for all, and that is not winning in Iraq if lost the other and it is not broken if the other victor, stressing that the full aspirations and which may intersect with the full ambitions of the last equation in front of us is a stable, means more conflicts.
Al-Hakeem stressed the development dilemmas in one basket in order to solve problems through compromise some to some of the other, indicating that the domain is available for the fans as well as the decline and it is not for us to progress, calling for sacrifice for future generations to deal with full responsibility with the Iraqi experience inspired by the blood which Salt, to live this day.
Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem answered the interventions of the representatives of political parties and blocs in Erbil, about the slow pace of the political process, indicating that the great transformations always see events interceptor and it needs time pointing out that progress needs to see Strategy and clear policies and plans of a successful, means and mechanisms to implement the plan as well as the political will.
Adding to that, al-Hakeem expressed about his appreciation for the sacrifices made by the Iraqi people to fight the former regime and access to the day she returned the will of the Iraqis, recalling the size of the sacrifices made by the Kurdish people in this process common, indicating that the relationship between the south and north of the country but are relationship and long-rooted and not real because they are diagnosed each interests of the country. Al-Hakeem said that his visit and the delegation accompanying him to the provinces of the region comes embodiment of the deepening of love and work together on the basis of common interests and human rights, they returned the differences represent a natural because they exist the smallest circles, stressing that the organization of the differences come through mutual dialogue and acceptance of others.