On Saturday 17th of March 2012, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed that most of the problems now days are because of the cultural backgrounds.
His Eminence noted in his speech at a gathering of representatives of the Union of Islamic Scholars of Kurdistan, that the corruption and murdering happened because there is no religious to know the spoiler with religion and Islamic fundamentals as well as lack of knowledge of the importance of the blood and the sanctity of the blood in the religion. He The common concern As partners in the homeland as part of state-building and the project, which guarantees the rights of all its components, requires us to address the targeting of youth material culture is far from the values ​​and the constants of social, as well as targeting Islam and the shedding of blood and bearing the responsibility towards him.
Al-Hakeem pointed out that the cultural institutions, knowledge and religious bear the full responsibility in addressing mesmerized by invoking the headlines and history, which extends to more than 3000 years and do not allow tensions, Confirming the presence of the real will and collaboration that brought us together in the years of ordeal requiring of us now the real work to remove large accumulations and cons of the past. Considering the existence of interpretations is many and varied not represent a problem if we can put it in the framework of one and one pot. To the Prime Islamic Supreme Council of the need to visit one continues to scholars and clerics from all over the country because it will put us in close to true allows the achievement of goals and work to achieve communication between all the sons of Iraq The brother on the basis of religion or in parallel in the creation inspired by the spirit of Islam and the biography of the Prophet and the God of divine good.