Al-Hakim called the Kurdistan Regional Political Powers to support the project of; Basra the economic capital of Iraq.
Sayeed al-Hakeem, the head of the ISCI held a meeting with the Kurdish Parliament president Arslan Baez, On Saturday 17th of March 2012 as he hoped that the leaders of blocs and political forces in the region through its parliament to provide support for the project made by Eminence during his visit to Basra in early March of this year.
Al-Hakeem Indicated that Basra represents a source of power and economic recovery as it represents the geographical location and maritime port and a single country, as well as its contribution to 70% of the budget of the country's public forum and great rivers Tigris and Euphrates.
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of  Iraq expressed his admiration for the experience of the region in resolving internal differences within the region, and the Parliament who exist since 1992, expressing His Eminence expressed his appreciation for his this Federal Parliament from the experiences of previous years, and calling it the experience of leading, as it represents the expression of the confidence of citizens in the region and what it represents of different political trends in the tendencies and trends.
His Eminence stressed his confidence that the citizens of Iraq one combines all the Period as a tent and frame, indicating that changes what happened in Iraq and that a big thing for everyone seeking to achieve the most perfect because of the limitless him, stressing that the Iraqi Hmm as far as their history and their culture.
On the other hand, al-Hakeem referred that his visit to the region and to participate in the memorial's annual tragedy of Halabja expressed that they had become a candle home and a candle of Iraq and the conscience of citizens everywhere come to strengthen the relationship among the brothers at home and face the big challenges facing the country, indicating that the adoption of dialogue and acceptance of the other, and starting in this country, necessitating the success of the national meeting and emphasized that the Constitution is a historic document which I agreed upon an al-Faisal in solving the problems facing the political process in the country.
Regarding the Arab summit to be held in the capital Baghdad, His Eminence stressed that it represents an important step to the role of Iraqi provinces after fears surrounding countries of the Iraqi experiment, indicating that the role of the summit depends on the level of cohesion and harmony and understanding within the Iraqi house.
For his part, Arslan Baez gave a speech welcoming the visit of al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council to the Kurdistan region and participation in events and activities in the region.