On Saturday 17th of March, 2012. Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem emphasized Iraq’s need to create some legislation and procedures for reservation of women's rights and protect them from domestic violence and norms wrong does not correspond with the Islamic religion, he added in his speech that he delivered at a large gathering comprising the Union of Women of the Kurdistan, that everyone handling errors courage and it is not us but courageous dialogue.
His Eminence took the opportunity to thank and appreciation of the role of Kurdish women who stood firmly and glory of women, similar to other provinces in Iraq and its continued support and the great son and father and brother in Iraq's long history.
On the other hand His Eminence called for to recall Halabja as a symbol of oppression and tyranny against the people unarmed, and not to drown in the past and not to forget at the same time, indicating that the adherence of unity and brotherhood among Iraqis is the way to meet the challenges and dangers and tribulations, stressing the need to uphold the Constitution as a document full reservation of all rights
However, al-Hakeem called for more  attention to the youth and the need to give them a larger role in the transition taking place in the country to represent this important segment and planned and ambitious of the starting point for Iraq and the development and growth, noting that women represent code transformations in any country of the world.
His Eminence also recalled the relationship between the highest religious authority of the late Imam Mr. Mohsen Hakim, the late Kurdish leader Mullah Mustafa Barzani and the sanctity of his famous fighting the Kurds, the inviolability of their blood.