On Sunday 18th of March 2012, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stressed – during his speech to the citizens, professors, college students and University staff at Dohuk -the need to uphold the democratic system, personal and social freedoms and constitution, adding that everyone must keep the national constants and which document the Constitution and consistent with the consensus, as well as adherence to personal and social freedoms and the balance between freedom, stressing the need to uphold the freedom of Iraq consistent with the heritage and values.
Al-Hakeem referred In his speech, which addressed the young people through His Eminence expressed his optimism about the future as long as young people take their roles in the construction and development as a symbol of excellence and creativity and the makers great transformations in the country, returned Eminence the need for a roadmap and identify priorities and progression matters of important factors that move the country in the right way, but he also said young people did not take their roles so far, the full and consistent with our mission to be launched A to the world.
His Eminence also praised his eminence in his role of women of Kurdistan in particular, and Iraqi women in general, noting that the Iraqi women that oppressed eras of tyranny in the past, still suffers from inadequate laws and lack of legislation and laws adequate reservation has a role in the community, noting that the society which includes women intellectuals would necessarily be community is educated and thus will result in a conscious state.
In another context, His Eminence stressed not to let what would sour relations between the components of the Iraqi people, adding "We will not allow the return of mass graves and the tragedy of Halabja again," he said, adding that everyone should study the past and invoked by the condition of dumping it, continuing that the unit is not a slogan or a feeling of security but requires a sense of responsibility. He stressed that building a home in love and partnership, collaboration and solidarity.
However, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem stressed the need to support the affected areas and families of martyrs, saying it gives the citizen a sense of home is estimated that there are sacrifices and sacrifices.