Mohammad Sattar al-Rikabi, a teacher of physics is trying since 2005 to live some normal life to play his humanity that he almost abandoned because of some tough circumstances; he every now and then is trying to forget for what happened in the incident of al-Aimaa Bridge where Mohamed lost his dearest woman to his heart, his mother.
 “What makes me so sad that my mother could not go to visit Imam Musa Bin Jaafar al-Kadim "PBUH" walking on her feet, but insisted on going this time, and she frequency  says ”I have a need from Imam Musa Bin Jaafar”. Mohammed said while he couldn’t control the expressions of sadness on his mother, which took control of on his face when he talked about saying “I haven't asked her at this time while her needs are many and always done by the Imam, but I did not know her need until after her death in an incident of al-aimaa  Bridge, as my older sister told me that the martyr insisted on going on foot to pray close to the Imams’ shrine for you to get the job you applied to the Ministry of Education, I feel that I caused what happened to my mother”. Mohammed continued asking about the investigative commissions which were announced at that time and promised to investigate about the incident and determine who is negligent and where the failure came from and so on.
Mohammed now became one of the Cultural Forum followers, which is held weekly at al-Hakeem bureau in Baghdad, so he come with group of his friends whom he convinced being part of the forum.
The Cultural Forum begun talking about the letter of Imam Ali "PBUH" to Malik al-Ashtar, as it’s consider as the Constitution that Mohammed used to revie it with al- Hakeem during the Forum.
“Since I am a teacher, though I am in need to that letter of Imam Ali to Malik al-Ashtar because it regulates the relationship between the people and who is in charge, while I'm  looking after the group of young people I need to know how to be fair with them and how to render? How to punish? And so on” Mohammed said.
 Here Mohammed records his notes from al-Hakim words and moves with his deep focus with the movements of speech which is now about the political situation, Arab affairs, the ongoing events accelerated in the Arab world of regimes changing, new political figures eminence and the escaping of some leaders were commanders in nearly short time,
 Mohammed renewed his call to the Arab nations along with Sayeed al-Hakeem to withstand because Thiers fate is the victory, even delayed but it is still the promise of Allah.
"There is nothing we can do but praying for these nations to have victory upon the tyrants who never mind delivers their countries to al-Qaeda for the sake of keeping on their chairs." Mohammed continued.
Mohammed and his colleagues were waiting the speech part about the Iraqi internal situation, but they received the six topics by Sayeed Al- Hakim, offering an initiative as Iraqi people bewaring the politicians to pay attention to it, the country is heading into the unknown.
Mohammed pointed to the most harmful topic, when it is about those who are concerned of melting the investigations results of the 100 days period.
Mohammed said'' we do not want the 100 days investigation results to be similar to the results of al-Aimaa bridge investigations nor the other bloody days bombings investigations’ of the Ministry of Finance, Justice, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Provincial Council and so on, it must coincide with the approach of disclosure and the fair and just investigation adopted by the government, so that we will be able to know whom deserves to be in charge and the negligent? With the condition that the frankness must not be divided. There for I do agree here with Sayeed al-Hakeem that openness is indivisible and how we should be honest with someone for some reasons and overlook with the others for other considerations, what is required is to let the people know who is the responsible and the negligent? Because the people are the decision makers and they can decide who will remain and who will be obscured away from the decision chairs”.
Talking about the 100 days period, Mohammed added “This is a constructive call, referring to Sayeed al-Hakeem speech to the adoption of testing the 100 days period on and that we have to sit down, be honest and showdown after every 100 days test with the people whom we elected to know efficient than others and not to say that the government failed, but we must separate between the bad minister and the good one, even between the good political bloc and the bad bloc”.
The Forum is finished and Mohammed and his colleagues have got several positive aspects and also got answers to their questions. Here Muhammad looked to his colleagues and said, "We will come every Wednesday with no excuse to any of us except for the destiny”