We are hearing recently many suggestions regarding the national partnership matter for the Iraqi state administration, that it is the reason behind the scourge that we suffering from today as for example the  compatibility case became an impossible to agree with, because of the conflicts lives in Iraq, there is a clear political conflict in the area lately and have been translated to a war for correspondence between the Harthiya district and the Green Zone, and here the one who said that the partnership is our problem he think that this is right because the majority are capable of running the Iraqi state and there is no need to form a national unity government, Some of them see that the security, services and the citizen are more important than the partnership, while the other team see that the partnership is some source of mistakes and this word was said by Sayeed al-Hakeem more than once, as the partnership does not mean that we form a cabinet government made up of 43 Ministry, but it means that we achieve the partnership with fewer than this number of ministries could be twenty or less. in the current government , there are more than fifteen Ministry of State, even the government spokesman, who we knew him during the previous government in title as an official spokesman, he is today called as a State Minister of government spokesman, here we see that this creates a partnership to divide the Iraqi cake or we can call it the weak partnership.