Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, declared that Islam treats men and women according to the preference between the both genders and not discrimination between them, explaining that the preference between men and women is just a process to distribute the roles in order to build better social life then the life became fantastic.
His Eminence indicated that there are special characteristics of men on women and the same thing for women on men, so there is no discrimination among them, except for the science, piety, faith, jihad, standing by, taking responsibilities in the serving people and society’s characteristics.
Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem pointed out that the provisions of Islamic that connected with humanity rights are shared between women and men most likely such as prayer, fasting and the rest of the duties.
"So the process is how to distribute the roles and not to proceed the differentiation, as some of the people trying to accused Islam with the faults “ al-Hakeem said
Talking about Iraqi women, al-Hakeem emphasized that the “she stood up and shouldered the responsibility in all roles under the dictatorial regime of Saddam, exactly as the men did, and can be said that women bore more than men because she was targeted more than once in martyring, jailing and living in exile” pointing out that women's took the burdens when the absence of men away from home.
AL-Hakeem continued in his words talking about the biography of the Iraqi women, stressing that the Iraqi women appeared again from a new position to contribute and enrich the Iraqi experience in building and construction.
His Eminence called on everyone to take on the great responsibility to enable the Iraqi women to get their personal, social and political rights.