On Wednesday 21st of September 2011, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq warned in his speech during the weekly Cultural Forum, from the continued political escalation among the politicians because it will generate a disappointment among citizen and would risk the Iraqis confidence on those who uses the escalation.
Al-Hakeem also noted that he would not allow the sectarian tone to be returned to the country once again, expressing his objection to the auction in dealing with al-Nukhayb incident and review process that give rise to people, calling for wisdom, calm and follow the legal means to treat with the incident, indicating that the position of the Supreme Council from al-Nukhayb incident is (No negligence.. No auctions) as of hearts will not cool down until the hearts of mothers and wives of the victims cooled when arrest the criminals and bring them to justice through the concerned security institutions.