On Wednesday, 1st of February, 2012, during the Cultural Forum, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, renewed his rejecting position of any interference in Iraqi internal affairs, noting that Iraq is a part of regional and international structure and must affect and be affected by his surroundings and the mutual interests without interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq, calling for Iraqi politicians to calm things down, to stop launching  media statements and to be patient , stressing that the attitude of (al-Mwuatin) bloc is to vote on the federal budget of this year should serve the poor and disadvantaged people, and not for the officials, pointing to the necessity  for adopting transparency in the budget through providing the final reports of the previous budgets.

Diagnosing the problems is more important than the media statements
His Eminence also called for politicians to unify and to converse serving Iraqi people and to stop lunching statements, noting that these statements will reach its launchers to the non-coming back point and reflects on daily life, making it difficult to stand down from those comments, noting that the Iraqis are looking forward to politicians to converse and solve the problems.
Sayeed al-Hakeem spoke to the politicians who blame the Supreme Council for not lunching media statements when crises occur, pointing out that the vision of the Supreme Council in dealing with the crisis adopts the way of diagnosing the problems and the search for solutions away from the fiery statements that does not serve anyone.

The return of (Al-Iraqia) bloc to the Parliament
Replying a question of one of the attendants about the return of (Al-Iraqia) bloc to the parliament , Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem described this step as very good one, wishing to return to the Cabinet as well, stressing that Iraq for all Iraqis and that the citizen is looking forward the politicians to fell his suffering, which requires the cooperation of political powers among them, telling the officials that represent the people whom elected them to the parliament, pointing to the need to take the interests of the people in attitudes taken, clearing that there is no choice for everyone but frankness, openness and hear the views of each party to the other through conversation, indicating that the treatment of problems must be through the Constitution and the national principles and agreements consistent with the Constitution signed by the political blocs, explaining that the rightist claimed only through the Parliament, the Cabinet and the Council of the Judiciary, thus, everyone is demanded in calm and trust, warning of the split of the public opinion, indicating that the unified public opinion needs a unified political team.

The budget should serve the citizens, especially the poor firstly
In response of His Eminence the question asked to him about the federal budget for this year and the view of (al-Mwuatin) bloc about it, Sayeed al-Hakeem stressed that the budget should be firstly to the people not to the officials, pointing to take the poor, the service of the widows and orphans, retirees and families the martyrs and victims of terrorism in consideration, stressing the need of improve the shopping capability for the citizens, reconstructing the places where they live and to provide job opportunities for Iraqis, expressed his reservations of spending the budget for the things that create social stratification, explaining the importance of transparency in the budget through the provision of the final reports of the former budgets in order to make citizen knows where the money spent, who spent right and who did not, as well as benefit from the mistakes of the previous budgets.

The recent visit to Turkey is for Iraqis benefit
About the regional interference and its causes, His Eminence renewed his rejecting position of any interference in Iraqi internal affairs, noting that Iraq is a part of regional and international structure and must affect and be affected by his surroundings and the mutual interests without interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq, stating that his attitude in dealing with the crises is to diagnose and solve them, pointing out that his visit to Turkey has succeeded in defending the vision of Iraq and benefitted all Iraqis by explaining issues to the Turkish side, saying that whenever the relationship among the political blocs went straight as a one team, the more decreasing the opportunities of outer interferences.

The need of the accumulations of positives in order that the Iraqis feel them
About the vision of His Eminence from Iraq's future according to the lack of services, recurring security breaches and the political crises, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem said that Iraq is now moving forward, not wallowing in its place, adding that the Iraqis can shift from slow progress into rapid one, stressing the need of the availability of the vision, the plan and the tools for the shift to the rapid progress, pointing out that success breeds repeated successes, stressing the need of the accumulations of positives in order that the Iraqis fell them, calling on officials to assume their responsibilities to reduce the problems and crises of people.

And about the security situation and violations that occur from time to time, al-Hakeem renewed his invitation to the need to review security plans, update, and transfer the initiative from terrorism to the security forces that have been recently able to arrest terrorists, hoping that the security forces be able to capture the terrorists before the crime occurs.

The Arab summit in Baghdad is a message that Iraq has restored its leadership role
In his response to the questions put to him, Sayeed al-Hakeem welcomed the visit of  Ahmed Ben Helli, the Assistant Secretary of the Arab League, indicating that Iraq's host for the Arab summit is a letter from Iraq to the Arabs that Iraq has returned to its leading role in the Arab structure, and another letter that the trading in Arab affairs and the introduction of the new Arab political powers in the Arab decision-making, expressing his optimism that the upcoming Arab summit will be the qualified and distinctive and the representation will be at the highest level.

The solution must be Syrian itself
What happens in Syria and the perception of al-Hakeem of the Syrian reality was present at the questions of the Cultural Forum audience, where Eminence emphasized the need that the solution of Syrian problem should be Syrian as well, calling to achieve the reforms promised by the government to form a government includes all political parties in Syria as soon as possible, His Eminence expressed his fear of internal  fighting and Syrian-Syrian bloodshed, warning of the consequences of the internal Syrian fighting on the situation in Syria, Iraq and the region, renewing the supportive and respectful attitude of the Iraqi people to the aspirations of the Syrian people.