Al-Hakim: no negotiation or mercy with terrorists, all terrorism victims’ lives must become our priority

2012/ 03 /03 

Al-Hakim: no negotiation or mercy with terrorists, all terrorism victims’ lives must become our priority

On Tuesday 29th of February 2012, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq delivered his speech during the weekly Cultural Forum in his office.
Al-Hakeem Stressed in his speech that the Iraqis are unified in their hearts against the terrorism no matter of their backgrounds, colors and nationalities are, stressing the there is no negotiation or mercy with terrorists, all terrorism victims’ lives must become our priority, noting that the Iraqis will remain coherence against terrorism whatever they send their dark terror messages , adding that the message that they will still thirsty the blood of innocent Iraqis as they express it only by killing and cut innocent bodies into parts, but the Iraqis have their response to the terrorism message which is; no matter how Iraqis are different but they are unified in facing terrorism and obscurantist ideologies
Al-Hakeem called for the security forces – during his speech - to strike with an iron hand upon the darkness and sadists who targets the Iraqi people, praising all of good efforts of the security agencies in dealing with terrorists and defeat their networks, calling for an answers due to the Iraqi citizen’s questions in bringing the responsible for the bombings to the justice however with a huge budget for the security file

A strategy to manage the difference
Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, referred that the reality of our current political crisis and the lack of confidence among the political parties makes everyone in urgent need for strategy to manage the difference, adding that the lack of agreement and the absence of the strategy to manage the difference will stop the political blocs in facing any crises, expressing his regret to the absence of political will towards resolving the issues, reminding that there are of course a global problems solved when everyone gathered at the rounded table for dialogue, calling on everyone to became a part of the Iraqi solution, warning that the perpetuation of conflict does not represent the power for any of the political parties as there is no winners or losers in this country, noting that the constitution is the basic to solve problems, pointing out that the Constitution is unclear in some of its articles, which makes it need a political consensus devoted to the state of stability, calling to search for solutions to be consistent and committed to the Constitution and the legal standards desires of all Iraqis, warning that crises produce other crises, renewing his call that there is no solution, but to have all the political parties on table and the intensification of national meetings, stressing that everyone have rights and duties so no party has the absolute right to do what he wants, indicating that the differences logical solution is to have the political will and flexible discussion under one vision to solve the problems.

The women and political crises
Al-Hakeem said the Iraqi woman is strongly presented in the new Iraq through the feminist leadership characters incompetent with the ability that makes her a matter of pride to all of us, His Eminence expressed his deep regret upon the women absence in the Iraqi Cabinet and the national meetings, presenting his demand for better real participation of Iraqi women as for men, indicating that women's participation is a great standard for commitment to the democratic system in Iraq.

The upraising of the Iraq Stock Exchange ISE
Regarding the economic situation and its indicators, al-Hakim noted that the high index of the Iraq Stock Exchange ISE increased of up to 135% from the previous year would tells us the development in the country economic dealings, noting that Iraq has a big budget and oil wealth is qualified to own an active stock exchange where all International Standards and transparency in, making it competitive with the other Stock Exchanges.

Supporting the social financial network
Al-Hakim renewed his support – through his political presence in the citizen bloc and the Supreme Council representative – to the social welfare programs, as it deals with an important segment of the orphans, widows and poor people, calling for more scrutiny in the beneficiaries files, praising the Ministry of Labor and social affairs in creating a hotline to contact the citizens' complaints.

The visit of the Vatican Pope
Al-Hakeem welcomed the Vatican Pope Benedict XVI in his next visit to Iraq to the city of Ur in the province of Dhi-Qar, calling on the federal and local government of Dhi-Qar to exert all efforts for the success of the visit in due time, stressing that the visit will raise the of the moral level of Iraq on the international level, noting that the Pope's visit is an important opportunity for the Iraqi Christians that they have had return to their country.

The Iranian movie, a simple of noble Islamic culture
Sayeed al-Hakeem Stressed that the Islamic culture is capable of product a noble and correct art, citing with the Iranian Oscar-world movie, pointing out that Islam is not against the creativity, but it support the art when it has a purpose and message, calling for creative people in Iraq must do for the production of art along with their history and, indicating that the the Iranian Oscared movie despite the high dust in the US-Iranian relations is an indication of the presence of competence and experience recognized by the possessed from the creators, especially of the jury who chose to film the Iranian with the presence of women veiled and bearded man, but they chose to creativity, pointing out that the creative discourse efficient grow up on the rest of the considerations because of his creativity is not brought him to his place of patronage and corruption.

The begging turned in to dangerous phenomenon
Al-Hakim was concerned the conversion of the phenomenon of begging to the phenomenon of managed networks and mafias collect the children and women, child begging, which shows in the capital stock does not become them, referring to reports one of the organizations of civil society in making the number of beggars in Iraq to 100 thousand beggar, He called for a serious stand by the Iraqi government and community organizations to shoulder their responsibilities towards this phenomenon and to set up committees to examine the phenomenon and its consequences and controlled by processors social prevents women and children and the needy from falling into trap of networks and mafias begging, pointing to the need to provide places of social hosts beggars and give them to return to him, calling His Eminence, put the legal system to reduce the phenomenon of begging and punishment of those behind the destruction of childhood in Iraq and to harm the reputation and standing of Iraq internationally, as well as a processor and social awareness while providing opportunities for social security and employment and the deposit of beggars in the centers for social welfare, especially children. Calling on the concerned ministries especially the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the formation of specialized committees to follow up on this phenomenon and to reduce them as soon as possible.

Being a teacher .. is one of the basic pillars for building the homeland and the citizen
Al-Hakim that the teacher is one of the pillars of the basic for building the homeland and the citizen indicating that the teacher does not need to be regaining sufficient attention at the level of living standards, training and development, raising the level of education in Iraq, congratulated His Eminence Family Educational Teacher's Day, reminding effort the educational sector in instilling the new generation.

Erbil, the capital of Arab tourism
Al-Hakim praised selection of the city of Arbil, capital of Arab tourism for 2013 indicating that the choice reveals the government's effort based on the effort of Arbil and the provincial government for providing medical relations with other countries and economic recovery to the people of Erbil Aaa choice achievement for all of Iraq.

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