Al-Hakeem:  Basra with its potentials is qualified to be the economic capital of Iraq

2012/ 03 /10 

Al-Hakeem: Basra with its potentials is qualified to be the economic capital of Iraq

 On Wednesday 7th of February, 2012. Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, head the Islamic Supreme Council of the Iraqi called the political blocs to support the project of (Basra, the economic capital of Iraq), which paves the way for an economic rising beginning of Basra province, stressing that the project is to gift back this generous province, noting the importance of agreeing with this project and starting from it away from disputes, calling for citizen bloc in the Parliament and  the National Alliance block to adopt the project and communicate with the rest of the blocs in order to make it success.
His Eminence called for officials in Kurdistan region to renew their patriotism and great keenness on Iraq by showing assistance to Basra as the economic capital of Iraq gifting back to Basra, which has supported the region for a long history, calling the parliamentarians  of Anbar, Nineveh and Salah al-Din provinces to support the this project, which is in the public interest and not only of Basra, appealing all the professionals, intellectuals and the media to mature the project and pushed forward.

 Basra, the Iraqi capital of good

 Sayeed al-Hakeem pointed out that Basra suffers a lot, because who produces is different from who consume, indicating that the time has come for Basra to have a portion of its resources, pointing out that the project which he called for during his recent visit to Basra did not come from a political background but from the belief that the economy of Iraq if it is wanted to be developed, should start from Basra, citing with some experiences of several countries that have achieved a great development in its economy by depending on a full of strategic resources city, explaining that Basra is strategic and developmental feature, reminding that Basra is the only  watery route for Iraq containing 80% of the oil reserves of Iraq and a huge gas reserve providing about 70% of the general budget of the country having a high proportion of population and borders with three neighboring countries which are Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and also internal borders with the provinces of Dhi Qar, Maysan and Muthanna , renewing again that all these features qualify Basra to be economical capital of Iraq.

 Reviewing the plans of adjusting borders to preserve the Iraqi lives

 Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem stressed that the security breaches that have recently occurred, including Haditha and Tall Afar massacres refers to questions about the effectiveness of the security plans to reduce such breaches in a way that reassures the Iraqi people whom having many questions about these breaches, adding that the security breaches should make a shift from reaction into direct action in dealing with terrorist groups and with proactive strikes to the terror nests.
Al-Hakeem asked the security authorities to make a great review for the plans of adjusting the borders of Iraq consequently with internal political confusion  and the great changes occurring in region to reduce the operations of arms transferring to and from Iraq, adding that Iraq has adopted the policy of good neighborliness and non-interference within the internal affairs of neighboring countries and at the same time not allowing to interfere within the Iraqi affairs, noting that borders adjustment will reduce the movement of terrorist groups, praising the efforts of the crisis cell in border adjustment, hoping activating of the intelligence operations to reduce the repeatedly security breaches.

 The Amnesty Law and the balance between the innocent and the criminal

His Eminence called to take into account two important points before passing a law of amnesty; first is that there are innocent people inside the Iraqi prisons have spent months and sometimes years without any accusation which make them and their families suffer a lot, indicating that taking the innocent people into account in the amnesty law, is but a national task for not to keep them inside the jails, citing with the reports that refer to their large, warning in the second point from the exploitation of the law to bring out the criminals and murderers , recalling reports which indicate the increasing of terrorism attacks whenever there is an amnesty process. Sayeed al-Hakeem also called the parliamentarians not to allow driving the criminals and murderers out through the amnesty law.

 Provide justice to the political prisoners

 Sayeed al-Hakeem called for providing justice to people who sacrificed and spent many years in Jihad or tyrant jails and their jihad against Saddam’s regime exiled them to study in college, describing them honest people , expressing his admiration for the dealing of Kurdistan region with anti – Saddam’s regime jihadists by giving them the privileges, pensions and care for unlike in the other areas of  indicating that some of them are stalked because they are searching for an employment in somewhere , asking to support this segment and considering  jihad and prison years as years  of service and study not only in universities but in the fields of jihad, therefore, this item should be included within  the law of amnesty, expressing his knowledge that there is a great tax for his speech, addressing the parliamentarians that the nation which is not faithful to its brave figures and does not assume its responsibilities will generate a negative culture affects on everyone, stressing the need to face the opportunists and counterfeiters who took positions and employments of talented and brainiest people, renewing his call to employ the talented and qualified  and to fire the counterfeiters and opportunists.

 2012, the year of elections

 His Eminence pointed out that 2012 is the year of the elections in several important places around  the world, including America, China, France and regional elections as in Iran, Egypt, Libya and Yemen as well as the Russian elections, noting that the Russian and Ukrainian elections, and their results affects the oil and gas market while the elections of Mexico and Venezuela, have their impact on the U.S. elections and on the new policies that the elections produce, calling for new policies for the next four years to deal the elections’ new policies in the region, congratulating Iran for exceeding the percentage of 64% of participants within the parliamentary elections, considering that the participation ratio is as an evidence of gathering of the people around its leadership under regional and international siege imposed upon them.

  International Women's Day

 Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem Congratulated the Iraqi women for their international day, stressing that women are main part of the society, calling to pay more attention for women, demanding work to formulate the role of the women and to preserve their due rights  legislated by the Constitution, and to deal with woman as a partner not a slave, calling for women to assume their responsibility by demanding their rights and provide climates to achieve the goals that they seek for, indicating that there are those who look at women as a sin and also there are those who deal with her as good for sale, noting that Islam did not prevent the women to do her part in the society, stressing that women in Iraq have made many achievements despite their great suffering , citing with the reports that tell 10% of widow women and 38% of them are unemployed, as well as women's vulnerability to abuse, forced marriage and domestic violence, recalling the first day of (Safar) month, which was considered by Sayeed Abdul-Aziz al-Hakeem as the Islamic Day to Resist Violence against Women.

 For the first payment for the victims of terror

 His Eminence appreciated launching the first payment for the victims of terror and military operations of financial grants and pensions according to the Law of Compensation legislated in 2009, hoping lunching more other payments to bring a smile to orphans and widows who have lost their breadwinner in the terrorist attacks and the military operations. 


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