Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Stressed that the separation of Badr Organization from al-Mihrab Martyrs’ has came after it reaches the personal maturity and political independence of the decision, as this pacific separation between Badr and al-Mihrab Martyr, is might be thought as split but it’s wrong, because that the ancient and modern political history of Iraq does not know about separation only through the term “split”, indicating that al-Mihrab Martyr Foundation grants some large areas of growth, development and opening, and its project is to support any national project, presenting his wishes to Badr a better luck in its new path in steadfast on Islam and the nation, calling on them to present a national political project and maintain the history of jihad.

This event took place in the weekly Cultural Forum's on Wednesday 14th of March 2012 at al-Hakeem office in Baghdad, His Eminence told Badr Organization, during his speech that the love and appreciation is their history with al-Mihrab Martyr, pointing out that the discourse of Badr the right choice in giving heed to stay under the stream of the al-Mihrab Martyr or not, he said, adding that he wants to stream Mihrab Martyr a the heart and the institutions of this trend, wishing those who want to stay within the framework of the Badr Organization luck and keep on outdated to be Islam flag and the country area, stressing his eminence that he does not provide advice direct to any of the Badr and that each choice

And the mass of the citizens in the parliament and provincial councils confirmed that al-Hakim who belongs to this cluster by the commitment to current trends Mihrab Martyr. Noting that its members will determine the mass of citizens who abide by the directives and policies of current Mihrab Martyr determined by the leadership of this movement, and will remain the decision to stay in this block or separation by the subject to adhere to this standard

Badr Men are real Iraqi tough ones

Reminding his eminence on the Badr Organization, which promised a long history begins and ends in the face of injustice and tyranny, explaining that the Badr was born from the womb of the suffering of the Iraqi people and bore the responsibility of the victory to him, adding that Badr title for the sacrifice, stressing that it is not fair to talk about the history of the nation and jihad without stand at Badr , describing them of (Men Iraq principals) and they refused to kneel in front of the dominance of the tyrant and paid a heavy price in defense of Islam, despite all attempts at interference which they were subjected, emphasizing discourse that Badr did not stop when the noise because they are holy warriors know that their mission does not stop when challenged or interference, pointing out that the leadership conscious of the al-Mihrab Martyr paid to the conversion of Badr to a political organization after it was jihad, citing the shift realization Mihrab Martyr of what the men of Badr and the dangers that lurked out to discredit them if they continued to bear arms

Palestine is the main case of Arab and Muslims

Called al-Hakim of the international community and human rights organizations to stop the barbaric Israeli raids on Gaza Strip wounded, which continued throughout the past four days, showing Eminence surprised silence of the international community and human rights organizations about the massacres in the bellow of the other files in the region, appealing to His Eminence bodies and aid organizations to immediately intervene in order to care of injured, again Eminence that the issue of Palestine was and will remain the issue of the heart to the Arabs and Muslims, wishing His Eminence on the international community to deal with the issue of a truce between Palestine and Israel from the logic of the truce to the logic of business acumen and awareness of the real to the Palestinian cause. Stressing the need for peaceful actions to wait with so brutal an enemy of the Arab summit calling for the need to take a unified position and firm about what is experienced by Palestine, indicating that the common position will express a common interest of the Arabs in spite of developments in the Arab reality

The (Emo) can be treated by thought, advice, education and communication

Between al-Hakim that the phenomenon of emo is a phenomenon alien to Iraqi society, citing it as may be to weak ties family and lack of interest in education and a sense of some of the youth alienation that drives them to the communities adopt behavior that is unacceptable, pointing out that the misuse of social networking and the media pay young people are not immunized with the knowledge to follow such behavior, concluding his eminence that the entry of the phenomenon in a deliberate and indicates that there are agendas and organized movement behind them, warning his eminence of the bats of darkness who do not want the best for the Iraqi people who achieved great achievements, stressing his eminence that all the justifications do not go out phenomenon that it the phenomenon of behavior can not be treated with violence or murder, if true, news by groups, asking His Eminence that these groups that the interests of so why not express themselves, wondering that when the killing was a way of guidance, calling on relevant authorities to stand firm and prevent the use of violence with emo phenomenon and other phenomena, stressing that education is the answer, violence is a red line, hold solemn youth original orientation and the national culture and to identify large

Review the decision of canceling the book fair in Baghdad

Called al-Hakim and the Ministry of Culture and its officials to reconsider the cancellation of the book fair to be held after two months on the land of the Baghdad International Fair and to provide allocations for the event, returned knowledge and science essential input to resolve dilemmas and wished Eminence transform Iraq from a reader that writing a book and prints and distributed from Iraq to the world, pointing to a positive discourse of these events as it contains symposia associated with the exhibition and make Iraq a popular destination for the role of Arab and international publishing, surprise stop in front of the project financial allocations at the time of the system addressed by the Arab leadership