On 21st of March 2012, the weekly cultural forum, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stressed that the Arab summit to be held later this month in Baghdad does not represent a challenge for Iraq alone, but rather a challenge to all Arabs, stressing that the responsibility for the success of the summit is not the responsibility of Iraq, but the responsibility of the Arab brothers in the sensitive stage experienced by the Arab countries, calling for the adoption of strategic policy to rest crises with neighboring countries, referring to the visit of the Prime Minister of Iraq to Kuwait, and called for political blocs to reset crises among them
This event took place in Baghdad in his speech during the weekly Cultural Forum on Wednesday
His Eminence pointed out that the Iraq people and the government prepared to receive the Arab summit after promising her kit on the level of security and service and logistics in light of significant challenges faced by the Iraqi government, adding that the ball is now in the court of the Arab leaders in responding to a call Iraq and attend the Arab summit and respond tribute to the Iraqis, calling Arab leaders that transcend some of the problems and sensitivities narrow and participate in the Baghdad summit at the highest levels, also called on them not to give in and respond to messages of terrorism on the grounds that their presence would help resolve the issues of terrorism, which became hits in more than one Arab
However, Regarding Iraq and the Arab summit stressed al-Hakim that the Baghdad summit will allow the Iraqis to express the various issues that were at the Arab level, regional or international a chance to stop Iraq and expressed his vision in the statement of the summit, especially Baghdad statement, calling for the preparation of document statement Baghdad discreetly The expression of national will to crises, files, and express the vision of Iraq to what is happening in the Arab, regional and international levels, stressing that holding the summit in Baghdad would be a valuable opportunity for the development of the Charter of the Arab League prepared since 1945 and renovated in order to achieve a balance and aspirations of the peoples and governments, stressing the need for includes the Charter of the League of Arab States on the important concepts as of peaceful transfer of power and the democratic system, pluralism and acceptance of others.

The political joint Arab reform program
And the reform program of political of the Arab League, who counted his eminence his absence led to the intervention of some Arab countries in the policy of the other, between the President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq that Baghdad summit a golden opportunity in front of Arab leaders to draw up a program of political reform of joint Arab case in all countries that fall under the League of Arab States he said, adding that the meetings of the previous summit has seen seven projects for political reform without taking room for reform of the Arab, stressing that the summit of Baghdad is not only to Iraq but rather for the Arab States as a whole, urging the Arab League to pay attention to civil society and clustering the large Arab, reasoned discourse so that he will communicate with large blocs that reflect the will of the people because the mission of the university for the Arab States and not to governments. 

The Kuwait visit is a right direction step
Al-Hakeem counted that the visit of the Prime Ministers of Iraq to Kuwait is step in the right direction, noting his eminence that it cannot be expected by the quick and complete to outstanding problems in one visit or two visits, stressing that the problems need to continue and reciprocal and the formation of joint committees to resolve the problems, indicating that what is important in the visit she came according to the principle reset crises and problems, calling on Kuwait to visit Iraq at the highest levels, urging the Iraqi government and the Kuwaiti dialogue and communication to ensure the rights of the peoples of Kuwait and Iraq, stressing that the coexistence and open dialogue are the right approach to resolve the contract and problems with the Arab countries and Regional and international, calling for adoption of the principle reset crises basic principle in the handling of Iraq files with neighbors and the region and the world, indicating that the Iraqis do not bear the mistakes of the former regime that claimed the lives of Iraqis and suffered from it before he suffered the Kuwaiti people, saying to turn the page on the past and open a new page on the basis of interests between Iraq and Kuwait

Reset issues internally
Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem warned of the shift in the political crisis to the stage of node policy that will disable the movement and make other people the status of engagement and excitement and make the citizen pay the tax, political tensions, emphasizing discourse that calls for the adoption of the dialogue is always facing the rejection of the other and calling them that they do not have the statesmanship, telling objectors dialogue that the way other than dialogue to resolve problems and we will go with you!!!, expressing willingness of the Supreme Council to offer what he can to solve problems, again His Eminence the adoption of dialogue essential input to resolve dilemmas, asking His Eminence Is that bickering media via satellite and statements convulsive is the solution?!! , Noting that everyone in one ship and that the largest ships sink as a result of one hole, stressing that the success and survival, survived, and the success of everyone, saying that charges and curses will come back to the negotiating table in the end, wondering if the dialogue is the solution in the end, why not be the solution initially without dragging the street to the conflicts and fissures.
Al-Hakeem said that being in this country option and as much as everyone, stressing the need for coexistence, and warning politicians of history as a ruthless and will pursue and write both failed to take steps towards spreading love and harmony, coexistence, and called for political blocs to reset the crises and sit at one table to Iraqis feel that they have put their trust in the forces of political careful and responsible.
The popular “Shabaniya’ uprising is a massive popular revolution against the injustice and tyranny
Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem recalled events of March the task, including the massacre of Halabja and the anniversary of the popular uprising, calling to deliver a message to the victims of the mass graves that your sacrifices were not in vain and it liberated Iraq and that the sacrifices of the day working to rebuild Iraq, returned uprising crown jewel in the history of Iraq and the torch and the leaders of the message loud for all generations , indicating that fired a message to the world and forced major powers to apologize to the Iraqi people and the will of the Iraqi, indicating that the message uprising were not political opposition to the system, but a popular revolution overwhelming against a dictator and was able to reveal the extent of the injustice suffered by the Iraqi people.
His Eminence pointed out that the uprising was able to sow the seeds of Arab spring, although the seeds late, citing delayed that it was buried under the slag political, sectarian, expressing his regret that rebelling did not get their rights and opportunities, despite the large number of speakers for the uprising and rebelling, who won some of them the certificate and others Gap countries support for the Iraqi people in the delivery of the world, noting that the Rafha withstand a milestone in the history of the people and will remain engraved conscience, considering coupling the memory of the uprising massacre of Halabja expression of much that unites everyone in the jihad and struggle, pointing to the unity of the martyrs are in the tombs of collective terms included those graves Arab and Kurdish and Turkmen and Sunni and Alsai and Muslim and Christian

The terror clutching at the unclear water policy
Al-Hakim that terrorism prey on water policy Aker and that the more sour water policy whenever there is terrorism, a gateway to broadcast his poison in a reference to the fall of more than 250 Iraqis were among the dead and wounded on Tuesday, 3.20, considering his eminence terrorism virus live in contaminated environments, calling politicians to filter their water to die terror of himself, again discourse on the need of harmony and coexistence and love that will be lost opportunity to the terrorists, calling on security forces to strike with an iron hand and guiding preemptive strikes of terrorism, considering his eminence at the same time that the security solution alone does not solve the problem of terrorism that is trying to confuse Securities and tries to send a message that he has the lead and prevent the Iraqis from sitting at the table of dialogue, stressing that the determination that we see in the citizens are what make Iraq victorious in its battle with terrorism, which is nearing the end

The Pope “Shenouda” is a symbol of moderation and centrism
Al-Hakeem Attributed the Christian religion followers upon  the death of  Pope Shenouda the Church Orthodox Alexandria, noting that He was not a religious symbol of Egypt alone, but had all of what was the magnitude of the gentleness create and affiliation, oriental, Arab, and the openness of intellectual, returned him a symbol of moderation, moderation, valuing openness to Islam as a civilization and the Muslims, pointing out that he was a safety valve to save the unity of Egypt and a dam in front of foreign interference that you want to undermine the unity of Egypt, wishing to be replaced by efficient, which is characterized by qualities of the late Shenouda.

21st of March, the Newruz Day
Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem expressed his congratulations to peoples who celebrate Newruz occasion indicating that the revelers by more than 300 million, returned him celebrate the station in Kurdistan, thanking the people of Kurdistan to the hospitality and good celebration Guest.
To be mentioned that His Eminence visited the Kurdistan region of Iraq in the last week and attended a memorial celebration of the martyrs of Halabja massacre, and was received by many of the Kurdish leaders and elites, competencies, and citizens, has been wandering in the three provinces of the region, and the presence of large concentrations of the general citizens of the Kurdistan region.