Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim has called on the youths of the Arab revolutions whom he described as “the aware Muslim youths” to lead a major electronic revolution in support of the Holy Prophet (Õ), lauding the peaceful and civilized demonstrations that swept the Arab and Islamic worlds expressing strong denunciation of the shameful and demeaning abuse of the sacred personality of the Prophet of mercy and humanity.
The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), before a large crowd that attended the weekly cultural forum in Baghdad on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 renewed his support for any law and legislation that serves the homeland and citizen regardless of the entity that adopts it. He pointed out to the defrayed payment law presented by the Prime Minister, calling for taking into consideration the subjective remarks presented by members of the parliament in order to achieve assurances to protect public funds and gain more transparency and integrity.


Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim called on the Arab revolutions’ youths, whom he described as the “aware Muslim youths”, to lead a major electronic revolution in support of the Holy Prophet (Õ) and to invest the modern technologies in an aware and civilized response with word and goodly exhortation, stressing the necessity of working to crystallize an Islamic action and a global stance vis-à-vis abuses to which Islam is subjected, including recent abuses of the Holy Prophet (Õ).
His Eminence warned about the practices that plant animosity and hatred among the nations and provide an opportunity which is taken advantage of by the deviants in both groups, explaining that this leads to sparking a war based on belief and religion among the peoples.



His Eminence also lauded the peaceful and civilized demonstrations that swept the Arab and Islamic world expressing strong denunciation of the shameful and demeaning abuse of the holy person of the Prophet of mercy and humanity, expressing his thanks and appreciation of the Iraqi citizens, including organizations of the Movement of the Martyr of the Niche, throughout the governorates in their denunciation of these shameful practices against the Holy Prophet (Õ).
His Eminence specifically thanked the Christian brothers in Iraq and in the Middle East, praising their clear stance denouncing and indicting it, stressing the need to be distant from encouraging violence, condoning togetherness and explaining that this is the venue that strengthens tolerance and proximity among world nations. Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim demanded the cultural entities to work hard through their literary and artistic works to clear the true status of the greatness of the Holy Prophet (Õ) and to utilize the theater and drama to acquaint people with the brilliant personality of the Holy (Õ) and his civilized method.



His Eminence also demanded the Islamic World Organization and the Islamic Cooperation Organization as well as the non-aligned countries, the United Nations and all honest people in the world to legislate an international law that incriminates disrespect for divine creeds under any pretext whatsoever, calling on the United Nations’ Secretary General to work hard to put an end to such serious abuses and the animosity and hatred it creates in societies, regarding the practices of ridiculing religions and their symbols as an international crime punishable by the international and human law. His Eminence also directed a message to the American people calling them to renounce such deviated norms of conduct by those deviants and racists and those who abuse Christianity as much as they abuse Islam.



His Eminence warned against applying a double standard policy in international dealings, citing as an example the suffering of the Palestinian people at the hands of the Israeli entity, pointing out to the contradictions in following the international sanctions policy. He explained that there are countries that are subjected to sanctions as a result of their effort to develop and progress since they are part of the new international network, describing these policies as “international policies that suffer from a split political and human personality”.



Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim renewed his support for any law and legislation that serves the homeland and citizen regardless of the entity that adopts it, pointing out to the defrayed payment law submitted by the Prime Minister. He called for taking into consideration the subjective remarks presented by members of the parliament in order to achieve assurances to protect the public funds and to achieve more transparency and integrity, warning against the law becoming a new reason for financial corruption added to the other list of causes of corruption in laws and projects of the Iraqi State.With regard to the amnesty law, His Eminence stressed providing assurances to safeguard the sanctity of the Iraqi blood and not letting this law cover those whose hands are stained with the blood of the Iraqi people and those who were basic part in the terrorist and Takfiri networks, instigating, financing, planning and executing their terrorism.
His Eminence criticized the demand by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to wait to ratify the Basra as Iraq’s Economic Capital in the parliament, calling to ratify the law and to rehabilitate Misan and other laws advocated by the Citizen Bloc in the parliament which provide direct services to the citizens.
He addressed decision makers in the political parties and movements to “fully realize that the peoples’ memory is strong. Do not go to extremes in the rope pulling game while dealing with laws and legislations that serve the homeland and citizen.”



Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim stressed that building the fair modern state requires adherence to justice in all fields, including the issue of salaries of government employees and cadres, calling for creating a unified salary ladder that promotes justice and equity among those officials and explaining that inequality in dealing with ministry officials violates Article 14 of the Iraqi constitution which talks about the citizens being equal in rights and obligations and also Article 16 of it which states the principle of equal opportunities for all citizens.
His Eminence also stressed his support for including those having special steps in the unified ladder and also with regard to the retirees, pointing out that the retiree segment is comprised of two million people who support large families in the society and that their salaries are below the poverty line as explained by official reports in the Iraqi government.
His Eminence lauded the role of members of the parliamentary Citizen Bloc and the support of other blocs in ratifying the adding of fifty thousand dinars to the salaries of retired people whose salaries are 400,000 dinars, calling on members of the parliament to vote in favor of this decision so it may become effective early next year with regard to salaries of retired people.



Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim has expressed his appreciation of the role of the international and Arab envoy, Dr. Lakhdar Ibrahimi, for this peaceful path which he is undergoing and about which the four countries (Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt) talk in their repeated meetings, calling for all Arab, Islamic and global efforts to collaborate in this process, stressing the importance of solidarity and unity of Syrian land and people.
His Eminence explained that the policy of bone breaking cannot settle a battle in favor of either parties contending on the Syrian lands, pointing out that the Syrian people will remain to be the one that pays the great tax as a result of this feud and continuous bloodletting. He renewed his call for sitting at the table of dialogue in order to secure the rights of the Syrian people and to strengthen stability and security in this good Arab country and to firm democracy and plurality in Syria and to go towards true partnership among all political forces and components that paint the mosaic of the good Syrian people.



As the new academic year approaches, His Eminence criticized the mud schools and dilapidated classes, calling on the news media to focus on the extent of preparations exerted by the ministry of education and specialized authorities in meeting the needs of students, warning against procrastination in the future of sons of Iraq, the students, wishing them success in their new academic year.
His Eminence explained that “The nation that does not care about education has no future. Education is the start and the finish; between the start and the finish, paths of nations, peoples and countries are formed.”



His Eminence stressed the world’s need to disseminate the culture of peace and to firm its concepts among the generations, citing as evidence the coinciding of the World Peace Day, which will be on the 21st of September of every year, explaining that this requires many steps that firm the importance of coexistence and peace in the world.



His Eminence also brought to memory the 14th anniversary of the martyrdom of Sayyid Muhammed al-Sadr (ÞÏÓ) and both his martyred sons, lauding the great and effective role of that Islamic personality in Iraq’s modern history and his confronting contemptible dictatorship.