Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim has called on the council of representatives (parliament) to legislate a law determining the clear deadlines for each electoral process that obligates the holding of elections every four years. He pointed out to the necessity of the security dossier must adopt the modern plans and strategies in developing the intelligence and security network via innovative means.
His Eminence stressed in the weekly cultural forum in Baghdad on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 that the national dialogue is a basic necessity at this stage and serves the interest of the homeland and the citizen, explaining that the return of the President of the Republic, Mr. Jalal Talabani, has contributed to creating dialogues and meetings to discuss the venues of the political process and to reach comforting results.
His eminence also stressed that the activity undertaken by President Talabani wins the support of all political and social forces, calling on the political forces to show seriousness in a truthful and constructive dialogue that reaches a vision that convinces all groups. He explained that what is important is to hold the national meeting distantly from terminologies whether it is a get-together, a conference or a meeting. What is important is that the political forces agree on the reforms, and let the terminologies vary. He hinted to the necessity for the national dialogue to be accompanied by national calming that instills calm in the hearts and enhances trust, and this is done through the legislating of laws that serve the citizen. He demanded the parliament to legislate laws that first serve the citizen, and let there be one legislation per week that serves the Iraqi citizen in one of its segments. He pointed out to national calming in need of activating the mechanisms of dealing with state institutions, calling for coordination among state institutions in order to solve the problems, in addition to the need for submitting the dossiers that serve the general national interest and focus on the commonalities among the Iraqis and freeze the sensitive dossiers, regarding the submitting of sensitive dossiers in a tense environment as a matter that is distant from wisdom.
The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) pointed out that the citizen is watching the political meetings and wondering about an end for political conflicts and when the political blocs will turn their attention to solving his problems. He explained that the Iraqi citizen expects his concerns to be present in the meetings of the blocs and political forces. These concerns are represented in services, work opportunities, reconstruction of the homeland, etc. He called on the political forces to exert more cohesion, solidarity and turning into one team that serves the homeland and the citizen, and to solve the country’s problems. 

Legislation of a Law that Sets Election Deadlines
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim has called on the council of representatives to legislate a law that sets clear deadlines for each electoral process and obligating the holding of elections every four years, pointing out to the necessity of holding elections for the governorate councils in within constitutional deadlines, regarding this a basic necessity that gives comfort to the street and contributes to national calming down. His Eminence explained that the legislating of a law that sets election deadlines means returning to the said council to explain the reasons behind a postponement. He stressed that holding the elections on time is a matter that does not tolerate arguing, foot-dragging and procrastinating.

Security Dossier Needs New Plans and Strategies
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim explained that the security dossier is witnessing a worrisome regression through the quantum terrorist operations that afflict the citizens, businessmen, competencies, representatives of the religious authorities and with weapons fitted with silencers in addition to repeated and organized targeting of army and police officers and security services. He pointed out to the citizen’s asking about how the security services are protecting him while they are unable to protect themselves, stressing the necessity for the security dossier to adopt modern plans and strategies in the development of the intelligence and security network via innovative means, pointing out that the security of cities is not achieved via checkpoints, exhausting the army and police and draining their energies.

Iraq Ranks Seventh Rich Country with $14 Billion Assets
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim stressed that the presence of wealth in the hands of a certain group of people at the expense of an area that lives abject poverty means more class distinction, pointing out that the figure may increase in the shade of the absence of the banking system and the presence of money laundering operations. He explained that the figure points out to the ownership of the rich and reveals the ways of administrative corruption to reach public funds. This emphasizes the existence of injustice and utilization of national wealth. He demanded the need to strike with an iron fist on any hand that extends to the public funds, renewing his support for all measures that limit corruption distantly from politicizing, dividing and bias.

Fighting Corruption is not Done via Slandering
His Eminence has stressed that any citizen is innocent unless proven guilty by a court and a judicial ruling, and he must not be slandered, drawing attention to defending public funds and fighting corruption is also accompanied by people’s rights and reputation and the rejecting of slandering them in the news media and press conferences, attracting the Iraqi people’s attention to more slandering, lies and rumors since the elections time is approaching, demanding the need to fear Allah when it comes to people’s honor and reputation and urging the news media to play a patriotic role which is not biased to this or that.

“Khalq” is a Terrorist Organization and we Support Rejection of Removing it from the Terrorism Slate
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim stressed his support for the Iraqi government’s stance rejecting the removal of the terrorist Khalq Organization from the terrorism roster, explaining that the matter stirs amazement, censure and wonder: If this Khalq Organization is not terrorist, who is the terrorist?! He brought to memory this Organization supporting the buried regime and the terrorist gangs, fighting with them and supporting them with plans and information.

Public Relief Campaign for Syrian People
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim explained that support for the Syrian people through a public campaign under the auspices of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society is an important step that comes at the right time and coincides with the call of the religious Marji’iyya to support the Syrian people and to stand beside it in its crisis. His Eminence brought to memory his past calls to look after the Syrian people in camps because it is an oppressed and wounded people, pointing out to the Syrian people being known for cordiality and manliness, calling on the specialized entities and on the Iraqi citizens to rise to help the Syrian people, hoping the Iraqi initiative will be upheld in order to solve the Syrian crisis by sitting at the table of dialogue and stop the Syrian bloodletting.

Iraqi Robot Dismantles Explosives
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim praised the innovative young man, Mustafa Fadil, a student at the College of Computer Sciences in the Qadisiyya University, who has been able to invent a robot that dismantles explosives, calling on the specialized entities to support these inventions and their inventors. He pointed out to the athlete Karrar Jassim winning three gold medals in the World Weight Lifting Championship. His Eminence stressed the necessity that the specialized entities sponsor such promising young energies and to provide for them the opportunities to shine and to excel.

World Tourism Day
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim stressed on the occasion of the World Tourism Day, on the 27th of September, that Iraq has all tourism requirements due to the religious and historic tourist places it has and captivating natural landscape of mountains, valleys and marshlands, hoping that Iraq will see more thriving tourism and that the number of tourists in Iraq will increase in order to acquaint themselves with Iraq’s legacy, civilization and culture.

World Navigation Day
On the occasion of the World Navigation Day, which happens to be on the 29th of September, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim called for looking after Iraqi navigation as an economy tributary by building the Basra [Grand] Port and the rest of Iraqi ports due to this sector bearing an impact on the Iraqi economy reality.