Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, warned against the attempt of dragging Iraq into the wrongful conflict in the region, describing it as dirty attempt. He considered that the unfair targeting of the Iraqi people by terrorism indicates the brutality of the terrorist groups and their foreign contacts who are seeking to draw Iraq into the swamp of sectarianism, voicing his support for the security apparatuses- from the army to the police- for the plans and measures they are taking in this sensitive stage in line with the human rights and to protect the citizens. His Eminence warned against overlooking the terrorists and their wicked plans, and moving instead to blame the security apparatuses in these hard conditions, calling to identify the user of the chemical weapons before pointing the fingers at a specific party in order to justify the interventions and proceed to reckoning. Moreover, he described the use of weapons as a transformation from the war to the brutality. For him, the user of the chemical weapons must bear their consequences, and their use is a severe crime to be condemned. Thus he called on the governors for an administrative revolution to advance their governorates, pointing that the developed countries are those who rose up against the routine, depicting the routine as the killer of creativeness and stressing the need of a full and global vision and to inject new blood. This came in the speech delivered by his Eminence in the weekly cultural forum Wednesday, 28/8/2013.    
The Brave Iraqi Army Has a Historical Responsibility of Fighting Terrorism with an Iron Hand and Chasing It in its Nest 
His Eminence sent a message to the terrorists that Iraq and its people are stronger than your projects and will beat you; you cannot beat them and history will damn you, calling for pointing the voices and weapons at terrorism. He explained that the brave Iraqi army has a historical responsibility of fighting terrorism with an iron hand and chasing it in its nest, confirming that terrorism is clearly targeting the followers of the Ahl al Bayt and the awakening men. He pointed out to the murdering and depopulation the followers of Ahl al Bayt who are suffering in Shabak in Mosul, addressing the citizens of Mosul the humped, such as political forces, sheikhs of clans, elites and skills about the necessity of facing terrorism and stopping the coercive depopulation of Shabak since Mosul and its people are known for having stood up against terrorism sending a coexistence message to all the Iraqi people, calling on the security apparatuses in Nineveh to assume their responsibility in protecting the citizens from all ethnicities, religions and sects.  
What Is Happening in Syria Is neither a Pure Popular Movement nor a Conflict between the Citizens and their Regimes; Rather, Syria Has Become the Battlefield for Regional and International Conflicts
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim maintained that the drumbeats for war in Syria are illustrative of the serious stage he pointed to in the last cultural forum, saying that what is happening in Syria is neither a pure popular movement nor a conflict between the citizens and their regime; rather, Syria has become the battlefield for regional and international conflicts that came now to a determination stage which needs objective justifications. He explained that the use of chemical weapons is the best excuse to intervene in Syria, wondering why the Syrian regime would use chemical weapons while it is aware that such use is a political suicide and has already resisted for two years and managed to improve its status in field. According to his Eminence, this is a logical question that raises many exclamation marks. In addition, he said the Syrian regime is influenced by great regional and international powers and the decision of its political suicide doesn’t only concern such regime independently from those powers, thus replying to those who argue that the totalitarian regimes do not often act logically. In fact, Sayyid al-Hakim alarmed against the direct and indirect consequences, such the region moving to a new level, stressing the need that Iraq be clear in words and acts, because in his opinion, this will be shaped in the future image for the next generations, warning against any bad turning points since this is an unforgivable sin.   
The Politician Who Does not Care about the Consequences of his Words Does not Deserve to Be Called Politician 
His Eminence showed the suffering of Iraq, due to the carelessness in making false declarations and giving wrong information which give a distorted image of the citizens so that those declarations became crisis makers, considering the chaos of declarations as a big defect in the politician. He added that the politician who does not care about the consequences of his words does not deserve to be called politician, explaining that the Marty of the Niche movement is committed in terms of its declarations and moves quickly to make clear any declaration that creates confusion with the citizens, giving no attention to what others say about it, yet defending itself without being dragged to side conflicts. 
The Destructive Routine in the State Departments Is a Tool that Kills the Creativeness Spirit and Will Fill the State with Administrative Gaps 
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq considered that the destructive routine is a tool that kills the creativeness spirit and will fill the state with administrative gaps, thus suffocating the latter and turning any review by the citizen to a bad nightmare. He explained that the complicated and blocking procedures of everyday are not between citizens and the state institutions anymore, yet between the departments of the same state, evoking the suffering of provinces in opening credits for the projects intended to be carried out by those provinces, thus reducing the chances for the local governments to complete the projects and reestablish the budgets. Finally, he called for reconsidering the jamming and blocking laws and minimizing the procedures in order to get out from the decade-old age of administrative ignorance.