The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim launched “Our Resisting Anbar in the Face of Terrorism” Initiative, which includes ten points starting with a reconstruction project for the Anbar Province amounting to 4 billion Dollars for four years. The initiative also allocates a budget to support tribes that are fighting all forms terrorism and enable them to resist this dark movement and reinforce their material and social capacities, as well as compensate their martyrs and injured. Sayyid Al Hakim indicated that the allocation of 4 billion dollars to Anbar came to support it, support its tribes and deepen the national unity, adding that Anbar is going through difficult circumstances which requires and exceptional support. His Eminence explained that the initiative includes the establishment of self-defense forces from the Anbar tribes, to be entrusted with securing the international borders and strategic roads in the province; these forces will be integrated in the Iraqi army and will be particular to the province of Anbar and led by military leaders from the province. Sayyid Al Hakim indicated that the initiative calls for creating a Senate for Anbar that shall represent the tribal powers in the province and giving an official capacity, which will help developing a work strategy for the province, away from the political and regional tensions and establishing steps to address the situation in a thorough and clear manner for everyone taken into account the viewpoints of the sheikhs and elites of Anbar. His Eminence called Iraqi leaderships to consult and examine the delicate developments occurring in the country in general, and in Anbar in particular, and reach a final and comprehensive solution, adding that the acts of Iraqi army are a national duty and a representation of national stances, finally congratulating the Iraqi army on the occasion of its establishment.
This came in the speech delivered by his Eminence in the cultural forum held in his office in Baghdad on Wednesday, January 8, 2013.
Compensating the army, police and members of tribes participating in military operations
His Eminence explained that the initiative also encompasses the preservation of moral and social development for the resisting Anbar tribes that have fought, and still are fighting, terrorism, and that represent the province’s social and tribal depth. The initiative also encourages the members of tribes to take in the positions of responsibility, protect their province from terrorism and start a building and reconstruction campaign. Sayyid Al Hakim underlined that a complete financial and moral support will be provided to the courageous armed forces and security forces throughout their fierce war against terrorism, calling the Council of Ministers and general commander of the armed forces to issue special instructions to compensate the army, policemen and tribes participating in the military operations against terrorism in the province as soon as possible, regardless of the administrative complications. This could be a moral push for our citizens, his eminence said, to realize that we are with them heart and soul and that their efforts and sacrifices are being appreciated by our people and government. He added that the initiative includes the completion of efforts made by the Iraqi government to meet the demands of the population of Anbar and other provinces, within the contexts of the constitution and law and to provide urgent humanitarian care for families displaced or besieged because of the military operations. His eminence clarified that the initiative is based on the Martyr of the Niche Movement’s vision in addressing terrorism which falls under a comprehensive regional and international vision. He called on the respectful Iraqi government to plead the international forces countering terrorism for support at the level of weaponry and intelligence, and to plead as well Islamic and Western countries in the region for support at the intelligence, technology, technical and logistical level in confronting and fighting terrorism.
Terrorism Has Become Greatly Interlocked and Is Not Just About Terrorist Organizations And Groups With Twisted Ideas
The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq considered that war against terrorism is an open and long war, because terrorism is not only affecting regions or districts but it is regional and extends with its networks and cells to the entire Arab world. We clearly see its destructive impacts everywhere it moves and the distortion it causes for the forgiving image of Islam through practices that all human history periods are ashamed of. His eminence indicated that terrorism has become interlocked and is not just about terrorist organizations and groups with twisted ideas, but it is interfering with security and intelligence apparatuses of regional and international states. Sayyid Al Hakim described terrorism as being a tool to assemble all people with distorted thoughts and warned that no is safe from terrorism and that it’s a matter of time before the borders of the regional terrorism state “DAESH”, from Aleppo to Fallouja, are complete. Then, everyone will feel the grave danger that threatens to hit them. His eminence called on everyone to get ready for this open and long war taking place from The Levant to the Arab Gulf passing by Iraq. He indicated that his statements are not an intimidation but a reading of the attempts of some to redraw the map of the Middle East, because in our region there are many reckless people and the past has proven that some don’t make correct calculations. He reiterated that terrorism is getting prepared to build cells in the basin of Euphrates and the suburbs of Mosul and that the coming battle will be highly organized and regionally supported. His eminence expressed his regret for people not taking these warnings into account, reminding of his calls to strengthen the national unity and close the doors from which terrorism infiltrates to our community and cities. Let us not neglect the members of tribes, he added, because they are the strongest support for the army and the police and represent Iraq’s safety valve. Now is not the time to blame but to unify Iraq in its decisive battle against terrorism mainly DAESH and Qaeda. His eminence considered that this is a battle of existence that Iraq will fight in one mind, one heart and one force, assuring that the battle is not just a security trouble or a confrontation here or there. We will triumph, he added, in this confrontation, God willing, no matter how long it takes and how much sacrifices it costs.
We Stand by You, Citizens of Anbar, with Our Hearts, Minds, Money and Men
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim promised the citizens of Anbar that Iraqis will stand by them with their hearts, minds, money and men, saying Iraqis have only used a very small part  of the power they have as Iraqis, which is derived from the right of our people to decent life, freedom and justice and we will not let one single meter of the lands of beloved Anbar in the hands of terrorist and takfiri groups, and decapitators. Here, he reiterated that we will give assistance to the jealous Anbari tribes whenever they ask us and we will spread our men from Al Faw to Fallujah. He added that he is sure that our brothers in Kurdistan will spread their loyal men from Zakho to Fallujah, calling for making this challenge a chance for a true birth of the new Iraq, saying "we will not let our dearest sons and beloved Fallujah hostages in the hands of the decapitators, the dark terrorism and the strange murderers."
Crucial Battles Need Full Strategic Planning and Follow-up
His Eminence addressed to the adventurous regional countries who are betting on the open war by saying that in Iraq, we overcame the hardest experiment and survived a supposedly long-lasting civil war, and so now, we will overcome this period, we will win if God will and learn lessons, and we will become more united and confident in our Iraq, people and single fate. He maintained that the crucial battles need full strategic planning and follow-up. In his opinion, Anbar province has been bleeding for so long and our brothers from its jealous tribal citizens, those authentic Iraqis who albeit their wounds, stood by the army and the state in facing this dark terrorist wave, suffered and are still suffering, by giving lots of sacrifices in money and men, but they are our country fellows and the real pillars of the state who can kick such dark thought out of every house, street, neighborhood, village, corner and district of our beloved Anbar. He also stressed the importance of laying out a long-term plan to support this province not only at the security and military levels and shaping a well-defined future for the province, sustaining its tribes and citizens and making it a bulwark that resists all current and future challenges socially, politically, economically and at the security level. Moreover, he pointed out that terrorism will sooner or later revert against its sponsors, calling for taking advantage of the lessons of the near history so as to build on them, develop them and keep them always in mind. Countries need cumulative not random experiences in order to be built correctly, he thinks, explaining that the Martyr of the Niche movement is suggesting a long-term plan that takes into considerations the sensitive status of the province, its critical location amidst the transnational breeding grounds of terrorists and its proximity to the battleground of the long term open battle. Furthermore, he said our vision for a global solution is based on a radical solution fully supported by the authentic Anbar tribes, all national political powers and the regional and world countries. This is the roadmap to encircle and eradicate terrorism.
The Petro (5) dollar Is Final and Decisive for Oil-producing Province
His Eminence described the oil agreement made between the federal government in Baghdad and the government of the region of Kurdistan as practical example of the policy of understandings which replaces the policy of intersections, reiterating his support for such agreements which establish the rights of everyone in a fair manner without violating the others' rights as well as the concept of an Iraq united by a strong central government while preserving the rights and powers of the region of Kurdistan and the provinces. He explained that too much time has been wasted and many unnecessary and useless media campaigns have been exploited in the conflict over the rights to production and import between the center and Kurdistan, which caused useless tensions and fanaticisms, but at the end, all was settled and the required initial understandings were made. According to him, this is what he has called for, and is still calling for, and negotiations will put an end to the complicated issues, warning against not passing the budget in such critical conditions because the budget means the management of the state and any delay in passing it means the management of the state utilities will be delayed or blocked, and momentary measures will be taken until the budget is passed. He considered the petrodollar project as final and decisive for the oil producing province and to him, any failure or negligence in this regard constitutes a challenge of the citizens of this province. Moreover, he pushed for adopting the legislation in amending the law of provinces on the petro (5) dollar, calling on the government to have the same spirit and generosity it had when it entered into the oil understandings with the region of Kurdistan, to conform to the contexts of the law in force, and to introduce the 5 dollar allocation for the oil-producing provinces in the budget so that all the southern provinces can feel the ease as it was the case with the Kurdistan provinces in North and so that the government proves that it cares for everyone.

Elections, Basis of Democracy
Speaking of the next parliamentary elections, his Eminence described them as the basis of democracy and any political process with elections not being held may not be called a democratic policy, calling everyone without exception to stick to the principle of holding the elections on time without any postponement or change under any circumstance, warning against postponement since it will move the country from democracy to anarchy, and this means that the society will be ruled by dictatorship, as history tells us and the facts lived by other countries. He also explained that the importance of elections does not lie in who win or lose, but in being the true sign that confirms the democracy of the state, and whenever such sign is blocked or postponed, the country will be announced dead democratically.