The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, stressed that the fight against regional and international terrorism is open at the geographical, spatial and technical level and that everyone should assume their responsibility in this regard and define their stance. Sayyid Al Hakim reiterated his support for and defense of the country, the people and the project in its confrontation with Daesh, within a strategic vision, a clear plan and well-studied steps. He called for distinguishing between real support and hysterical political screaming, underlining that the Martyr of the Niche’s approach will always and forever be rational and moderate and will not be dragged in side conflicts no matter how horrible the provocations are, for the movement has a project and a cause, and it will explain the visions and clarify the positions to end the confusion of the public resulting from misguidance and cheap media propaganda. His Eminence explained that the media statements about maintaining the 5 petro-dollar is not a law and this right should be included in the budget because the budget recognizes only numbers, not statements even if they are issued on the basis of a good will.

This came in his eminence’s speech delivered at the weekly Wednesday cultural forum held at his office in Baghdad, on January 22nd, 2014.

Calling to Do Honor to Martyrs in Battles Against Terrorism

His Eminence called the Prime Minister as being the General Commander of the armed forces to issue instructions for doing honor to the martyrs in the current battle against terrorism and treating the injured while compensating them in a quick manner unlike the usual routine and bureaucratic way. He called to give them a special and distinguished tribute that is aligned with the size of the terrorist attack we are subject to. Sayyid Al Hakim added that this issue was among the important points included in his “Our Resisting Anbar” initiative on how to address the military, political, social, economic and developmental situation in Anbar province. His Eminence highlighted that the sacred legitimate duty supports members of the armed forces and tribes in their war against terrorism. Everybody must understand, he added, that the war against terrorism and takfirism is a war of existence; it is either us or them; we will definitely triumph in this battle God willing. Sayyid Al Hakim assured that the sacred duty also requires not being dragged in side conflicts or overthrowing campaigns because those running these acts aim to sabotage our unity, cause sedition and weaken brotherhood. He pointed out that most of the initiative’s content has been implemented, even if partially, with the appointment of thousands of persons in the Sahwa forces and the call addressed to tribes members to join the Iraqi army and police and to reconstruct Anbar after the end of the battles. His Eminence stated that what’s important is giving realistic solutions; “it’s not important that they say this is the initiative of Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim and the Supreme Council”, reminding the audience of the call for holding a round table after the government was formed, which was first rejected but then accepted.

Postponing Elections Means Overthrowing Democracy

His Eminence stressed that elections must not be postponed because such thing would mean overthrowing democracy. He called the government to establish alternatives for addressing some of the expected troubles that might hamper elections in some regions, especially with the ongoing battles in Anbar province. Sayyid Al Hakim indicated that days go by fast as we come closer to the elections date but the position towards elections is steady and decisive. Even if the crisis in Anbar lasts long, he added, it should not be considered as a pretext to postpone the elections.  He pointed out that the Supreme Council’s stance from holding the elections on time stems from its rooted belief in the political and democratic process that Iraq is currently establishing. This is, he said, the new Iraq’s umbilical cord; if the cord is cut under any pretext, it means the democratic Iraq will be clinically dead. His eminence explained that the purpose is not to see who wins and who loses in the electoral race, but to keep the electoral momentum alive because it represents the core of the political and democratic process in Iraq; if this momentum disappears, the political process will die, which is something that we will not allow under any circumstances.

The Enactment of the Retirement Law is an Act of Respect for Iraqis

His Eminence considered that the enactment of the retirement law is an act of respect for the Iraqis who have finished their professional life working for this country, and who have therefore the right to be honored with a pension that keeps them away from neediness and enables them to live a decent life. We hope, he added, that this law gets adopted as it will have positive effects on a large category of Iraqi people. His eminence indicated that the Citizen bloc has made a tremendous effort for the adoption of the law, adding that the students’ scholarship was faced with obstacles like linking it to the father’s salary or attendance. He asked public institutions to take steps away from the bureaucracy that is suffocating citizens and turning rights into acts of charity. His Eminence also called to facilitate, not complicate things for the people, reiterating the importance of starting an administrative revolution because routine and bureaucracy have become a loathsome collar suffocating the country and the citizens.

The Continuation of Understandings Will Lead to the Full Implementation of the Nuclear Agreement Between the Islamic Republic and the West

Regarding the regional situation, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim explained that there are quick changes and successive developments in Iraq’s regional entourage, most importantly reaching the second phase of the nuclear agreement between the Islamic Republic and the West. The latter indicates, he added, that the clauses of the historical agreement have entered into force quietly and smoothly. His Eminence considered this as a clear message to everybody that policies are built on understandings, not accusations. When the West attempts to reach an honest understanding with the countries of the region, including the Islamic Republic, policies will be more realistic and practical and will lead to concrete results. His Eminence finally hoped that these understandings will continue and eventually lead to the full implementation of the nuclear agreement between the Islamic Republic and the West and to the definitive closure of this thorny issue.

Iran is Supposed to be Present in Geneva 2

His Eminence indicated that the main principle behind the Geneva 2 conference is finding a political solution to the crisis. He wondered how can solutions be found when one of the most important parties is excluded?! The West has already dealt with the Islamic Republic and it knows that Iran respects its commitments and agreements and therefore, it should be present in or take part of any agreement. His Eminence finally wished success to the conference in the absence of Iran. He added however that political pragmatism does not exist until this moment and “we wish to see light at the end of the dark Syrian tunnel”. 

Calling the Lebanese for Patience and Self-Control to Get the Lebanese Ship to Safety

The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq pointed out that a great escalation and clear targeting is taking place to ignite the Lebanese front. He added that the terrorist and criminal targeting of civilians in Beirut clearly indicates that the terrorism we’re facing is an organized regional terrorism and that its fronts are interlinked in a direct and indirect manner. His Eminence called everyone in Lebanon and Hezbollah for patience and self-control to get the Lebanese ship to safety. Signs of political bankruptcy become clear in traders of sectarianism and resentment. The formation of the Lebanese government will be the decisive reply to all the desperate attempts to intimidate people, ignite sedition and tear the country.