Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called on the political powers to work collectively as accountable and harmonious team, urging them to go beyond the problems and crises and to quickly form the government. Here, he reminded that it is impossible to resolve the crises that have built up over the past years in days or even in weeks, but what is sure, according to him, is that all the parties want a solution. His Eminence called on them to work under the ceiling of rights, not of demands, confirming that the constitutional and legal rights of all Iraqis, of all communities and ethnicities, will be ensured. He also said that the government formation matter preoccupies the public opinion, the political class, and all those who care for Iraq, its people and its stability, adding that everyone is living under hard conditions where one third of the Iraqi land is being invaded by the terrorist gangs and more than one million Iraqis have been displaced, amidst lots of political crises and problems brewing between the different communities. He continued that he feels sorry for the lack of trust between the children of the country, considering it as one of the most serious and difficult problems. Thus, he called on everyone to get armed with the rights guaranteed by the law and the constitution, and not to take intransigent attitudes under the ceiling of demands. For him, the constitution is the real guarantee for all those who are trying to make a big step forward, open a new page and overcome all the crises and mistakes of the past. The head of the Islamic Supreme Council said it is important that the movements, not the individuals, reach agreements, reminding that as the experience shows, the individuals' and last moment agreements are interest agreements, calling on the political leaders to act with more sense of responsibility, because, according to his Eminence, "the situation in Iraq is so serious that it requires an unusual sense of responsibility and we must all act as such, double the efforts, the work, the common agreements and the mutual compromises, and work on applying the zero-crisis approach, and not on creating and reproducing crises". He also stated that the major step is to put Iraq again on the right track, by forming a widely accepted national government based on the partnership of the powerful we have always called for and will keep calling for. In the same context, he called on everyone to assume their responsibilities and to assist Mr. Haider al-Abadi delegated with this task and work with him in a team spirit.
This came during the weekly cultural forum held at his Eminence's office in Baghdad, Wednesday, August 27, 2014.  
Speicher, Genocide and Crime against Humanity
His Eminence described the Speicher base crime as genocide and crime against humanity, refusing to classify it as terrorist crime or vile crime and confirming that it will not go unpunished and the retaliation will be a lesson for everybody. Moreover, he threatened its perpetrators that they will be chased wherever they are and will get the punishment they deserve. He said this is an unfamiliar crime, considering it as conspiracy in which more than one party were involved and they will not get away with it, and the officials who neglected the blood of those youth or conspired against them will be punished as well. He added that everyone involved in this crime will be treated as a terrorist, for the crime of those who failed to fulfill their duties is not about negligence of work, stating that the contempt shown to the blood of the people this way is more dangerous than terrorism itself, and the Speicher crime will bring shame to everyone in power from the lowest rank to the highest rank official in relation with this camp and its management. Here, he promised the victims' parents to carry on the investigation, saying, "you loss is ours. We will not allow that this crime be forgotten. We will not neglect any drop of blood. We will chase the perpetrators, the careless and the conspirators no matter how far they will go". Then he addressed the tribes whose members were involved in this crime by asking them to disown them because justice will be done sooner or later. In addition, he strongly condemned all the terrorist acts against the Iraqi components- Muslims, Christians, Yazidis, Shia, Sunnis, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Shabak – particularly the crimes of Musab Ibn Umair mosque in Diyala and the Hussainia of Imam Ali in Baghdad.
Daesh is a Danger that Threatens All Muslims and Humanity in General
His eminence indicated that the arrogance and tyranny of Daesh gave it the courage and rudeness to declare its aberrant caliphate, explaining that terrorist groups that are intellectually and ideologically deviant can occur at any time, and will appear in the future as history of full of similar gangs and groups that carry aberrant and criminal thoughts. His eminence added however that declaring a caliphate with a caliph is a clear challenge to all Muslim sects and an open confrontation with everyone. Sayyid Al Hakim stressed the importance of measuring the size and depth of this situation without exaggeration or underestimation, maintaining that there is an evolved stage of aberrance, not terrorism because its aberrance has reached its maximum. His eminence clarified that the declaration of the caliphate came after the declaration of a State then the merge of two States, warning that Daes is no longer just a danger to Iraq and its people or to Syria and its people, but a real danger to every Muslim, every human indeed, whether in Indonesia, Britain, Mecca, Madeenah, Najaf, Karbala. He assured that terrorist aberrance hits on both ways, by targeting and expiating Muslims who oppose it or Muslims whom it cheats. In both cases and in both ways, terrorist aberrance is fatal because the blood that is shed is the blood of Muslims. His eminence indicated that terrorist aberrance is distorting the image of Islam and marketing Islam as being an authentic Islamic attribute through a wrongful reading of the religious texts in the Quran and the Sunna, pointing out that if the enemies of Islam all gathered from around the world and agreed to make a conspiracy against Islam and Muslims, they will not find better than the aberrance, caliphate and terrorism of Daesh. Sayyid Al Hakim called on Iraqis to unite and appreciate the value of the unified Iraq that we live in, explaining that terrorism would not have spread were it not for our dispersion, dispute and affiliation to our sects and regions. This is why we see it today hitting everybody; hitting the Shia under the pretext of defending the Sunnis, hitting the Sunnis for not agreeing with it, hitting the Kurds, who are in majority Sunnis, under the pretext of being the enemies of its pretended caliphate, hitting the Yazidis for being disbelievers and killing Christians in the name of Islam. His eminence reminded that Daesh only masters the language of blood and killing and only thinks with a sick perverted mind, expressing his hope to restore the national unity and protect our country from the impurity of this gang. Let us throw their pretended caliphate to the dumpsters of history, outside the pure land of Iraq.
An International Conference that All Countries in the World and All Humanitarian Organizations Specialized in Relief for Refugees Call for
His eminence warned against the demographic and social change resulting from the large displacement, indicating that displacement is causing grave social, psychological and health problems and that hundreds of thousands of children are currently homeless with their families amidst this summer heat and the spread of diseases and epidemics. His eminence described the situation as being a big catastrophe that does not need data as much as it needs an international conference that all world countries and all humanitarian organizations should call for, to come up with a clear, accurate and quick action plan to deal with this humanitarian disaster. He praised the Husseini entities whose response to the crisis of the displaced was much better than that of official institutions that were drown in the routine and bureaucracy. His eminence highlighted that these entities used all their mend and potentials and opened their doors to tens of thousands of displaced, regardless of their affiliations, and provided them with care and food. His eminence also lauded the role of the religious authorities, their agents and the holy shrines, and all the charitable people who contributed to a great extent to relieving the suffering of the displaced.
Amerli…a Heroic Resistance
Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim lauded the heroic resistance of the people of the town of Amerli that has been sieged for eighty days, as they have been unjustly targeted by all surrounding sides on a daily basis. His eminence assured that Amerli has become a legend in the history of Iraq and called on everyone to assume their responsibilities in supporting the people of Amerli, fighting terrorism, lifting the siege and providing a safe passageway for getting people out and preserving their souls.
Gaza is the Symbol of Resistance, and Lively Peoples Fight Alone but Win in the End
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq addressed the people of Gaza saying “You were let down and were left alone in the face of the toughest occupation in the modern era. The pretenders of caliphate and religion were bust slaughtering the Shias, Yazidis, Kurds, Turkmen, Shabak and opponents from the Sunnis; they did not support you with one shot or one position. It is an honor for you to have a pure cause not contaminated by those criminals”. His eminence praised their victory and resistance, indicating that this is the case of lively peoples, as they stay fighting alone but win in the end. He added that Iraqis, despite their bleeding wounds, feel the suffering of their brothers in Gaza, follow their heroic acts, feel joy for their victories and consider themselves similar to them, as they are both defending themselves, their land, honor and identity.