Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said most of the political powers want guarantees and the answer is that the Iraqis and the political powers who believe in the moderation policy, the crisis breaking and zero-crisis policy are the true guarantee. He stated that everybody has learnt from the lesson of the previous state and that the exclusion, marginalization and complication policy will only lead us to the collapse, the division and the animosity, stressing the need to make mutual concessions and show flexibility under the constitution and the law, and to quickly form the government before the expiry of the legal deadline and the surprises and pressures it brings to earn gains unlawfully. Here, he thanked all the regional and international powers which worked, and are still working, with sincerity to help Iraq and its people overcoming the current crisis, reminding of the last moment policy and the policy of small and large promises made in secret and which will only cause us more division and collapses. He explained that the stated cannot be built with wishes, or with superiority, confusion and elusion, or with mood fluctuations and bribery, or with individualism, self-interest and narcissism, but with credibility, clarity, planning, strategy and working with and for everybody, for the states are born from the labor of its peoples, thus providing security, stability and assurance to them. According to him, they are also built with the mentality of its leaders not with their mood; the states stay, the leaders disappear, the generations eternalize their memory, and the history reminds them, and glorifies their achievements. His Eminence renewed his support for any honest project for the nation because the people paid dearly and no other free and independent people has paid so much, calling for making the new government a right start that compensates the Iraqis for the time and opportunities they wasted, vowing to the Speicher base victims' families to cry out aloud until the crimes circumstances are revealed and the negligent people are punished.


This came during the weekly cultural forum held at his Eminence's office on Wednesday, September 3, 2014.




We Will Keep Track on the Speicher Issue and Will Reveal the Identity of those behind It and Punish Them


His Eminence considered what happened in Speicher as disgrace and scandal for everyone involved in it and everybody must be sure that the souls of the thousands of the young men who were killed will keep roaming in the sky of the nation and curse everyone who has taken part in this crime and scandal regardless their sect, religion, ethnicity or position. He added that the name of Speicher will always bring disgrace to all those who failed to fulfill their duties and acted with disloyalty, reiterating that the Speicher crime is a crime against humanity, calling on the appropriate authorities to assume their responsibilities and submit a complaint with the United Nations to register this crime as genocide. He also called on the Ministry of Justice to act through its judicial channels, work on the legal dossiers and register the testimonies of the survivors. He said the Ministry of Defense is facing a big scandal where many corrupt officials will be eliminated, considering the threats against the surviving witnesses as another proof of conviction against those involved because their identity is known now. The appropriate apparatuses must provide full protection to those witnesses, as his Eminence said, and make sure that no pressure is exerted on them to take their testimonies back, for the Speicher is a disgraceful crime and we will not let the corrupted and the losers to tarnish us all. In addition everyone must prove their non-liability because the silence over this crime and scandal is complicity in itself. His Eminence wondered: How can this big number of young fighters be left in the open to face an inevitable destiny in a collective killing based on identity and sect? How come that such big number leaves a reinforced military base to die for no reason? Here, he promised every mother suffering for the loss of her son and every father tortured for the death of his son that his Eminence will never stop crying out aloud and demanding to reveal the identity of the perpetrators and bring them to justice, stressing that Speicher is a crime committed by an evil terrorism, a scandal in which the corrupted and the perverted were involved and a shame for anyone who is responsible for the martyrdom of those young men.


The world Has to Let Go of the Double Standards in the War Against ISIS


The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq considered that the United Nations’ decision to form an international alliance to fight ISIS is a step on the right track even if it is a bit late, reminding that Iraqis were left fighting terrorism for more than five years. “We have warned everyone that terrorism is like cancer cells. If it does not find anything to eat, it will eat itself. No state or community is far from the reach of terrorism and its aberrant thoughts”, he added.


His eminence expressed his regret for the lack of comprehension of the warnings stating that they only gave shy and general words of support. He assured that the world ought to realize that the small village was hit by a contagious virus and that it should fight it because everyone is threatened by it. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim expressed his regret that the disease was left to spread and become an epidemic, warning from thousands of mislead youngsters who wander free in the world with their aberrant ideology as they are timed bombs ready to explode any target without any care for the innocent victims because their deviant thinking ensures them paradise at the expense of innocent blood and depicts victory by beheading victims.


His eminence urged the world to let go of the double standards in the war against ISIS, clarifying that cancer cells are not fought in one place and left in another under whatever pretext or circumstances. He explained that ISIS was born in Iraq but developed in Syria and has now spread around the world, considering that the chaos in Syria is the reason why this group has acquired this level of organization, readiness and expansion. His eminence also called to find drastic solutions not just patching intermediary ones to hit ISIS wherever and however it is; let the war against it be a war based one standard not double standards.


We Should Name one of the Public Streets in Each Province after Amerli for Being the Symbol of Resistance


His eminence indicated that Amerli is a great lesson to anyone who bets on the fragmentation of this country; Iraq will resist to this barbaric attack just like Amerli did and honest people from all sects and ethnicities will defend it just like defend it Amerli. He stated that Amerli is an epic in faith and ideology where the Turkmen followers of Ahl Al Bayt who proved resistance, steadiness, patience and tolerance of harm finally achieved victory, considering that Amerli is small in area but vast in the meaning it carries as it has won with its Husseini ideology and resisted through its Zainabi spirit. His eminence pointed out that terrorism wanted it a captive so it turned into a legend of survival, resistance and lift of siege, insisting on the influence of the popular mobilization against the terrorism of ISIS especially that young believers armed with intrepidity have invaded this dangerous terrorist haven and was able to defeat them in cooperation with the army and the Peshmerga, and thus transform this human effort into a backbone for the unification of all national energies to counter terrorism. His eminence affirmed that the movement to free all the cities and towns of Iraq from the impurity, aberrance and crime has begun, calling to name one of the streets in each province after Amerli so that it can be a triumph story that would live among the people and get known to the children. Sayyid Al Hakim indicated that peoples live through their sacrifices, resist through their history and confront challenges through their unity, maintaining that it is now time for the birth of a new Iraq. He finally expressed his confidence in having an Iraq that everyone will be proud of: we will all be always proud of Amerli, its resistance and its victory.