Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called to consider the supreme religious authority statement “Advices and Instructions to the Fighters on the Jihad Battlefields” as a human international document that identifies and controls the mechanisms of the military action and protects civilians in the battlefields, and as an original Islamic approach that determines the legal framework for jihad based on the religious texts in dealing with the various conditions faced by fighters in the front lines, whether these conditions are moral, psychological, social or military. His Eminence stressed the need to adhere to this statement and make it a starting point towards a new and decisive fight against terrorism and deviation, and to emphasize on the original Islamic identity and Muhammad morals, declaring that the authority that called for jihad and defending ideology, nation and country, is also protecting jihad and Mujahideen of any fraud or distortion. Moreover, he pointed to the importance of translating the statement to all living languages so that the world will recognize that Mujahideen, in the time of murder on basis of religious identity, adhere to the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH) and the followers of Ahl al-Bayt (AS), and do not fight to take revenge, burn their captives and kill people on basis of religious identity as the ISIS who pretend engaging in Jihad in Speicher, Badush and other areas. Al-Hakim added that the deviant thought is not just a wrong jurisprudence written in the books, but it turned into a perverted culture that spreads, grows and causes the loss of the nation and its citizens of both sides; those who were misled and those who fight to preserve its dignity. He made clear that the statement emphasized that the gruesome crimes and great injustice committed by ISIS terrorism shall not be faced by a counter-aggression and by treating people unjustly in the areas where ISIS exist, pointing out that the core problem is not represented by Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram, or other names; however, it is in the deviant and extremist takfiri thought which creates a contaminated environment that helps terrorism growth in the name of religion and ideology. He added that the statement of the authority defined the enemy by the terrorists who carry weapons purporting to kill Iraqis, stressing the sanctity of killing human beings or using money and property unlawfully. The statement also highlighted on the morals of jihad and its limits, whether with Muslims or other religions, since the original religion of Muhammad is the religion of humanity and this is how it imposes jihad; although, the jihad of terrorism, deviation and poisoned thought is pleased with burning prisoners alive, raping women, poisoning rivers and whipping and killing children, stressing that those who claim civilization shall distinguish well between the terrorist deviated jihad and that of Mohammad Islam, and between the jihad of free people and that of burning.
This came in the weekly Cultural Forum in His Eminence’s office in Baghdad, on Wednesday, February 18, 2015.
Assassination of Sheikh al-Janabi Is a Denounced Act that Is Intended to Deepen Sectarianism  
His Eminence considered the assassination of Sheikh Qassim al-Janabi, his nephew, and his bodyguards as disgraceful, denounced act which is clearly intended to deepen sectarianism and to promote it as widest as possible all over the country, strongly condemning this horrible crime and holding the security officials responsible for uncovering the perpetrators as soon as possible. He also called on all the partners not to launch hasty accusations and pointing the fingers to one specific Iraqi component, describing the circulated audios containing irresponsible sectarian words pronounced by some people as shameful. Moreover, he called to rise up against the killing of both Shia and Sunnis, based on the conviction that the Iraqi people from all components- Sunnis, Shia, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Shabak, Christians, Sabians and Yazidis- are targeted. According to him, the slayer of Sheikh Qassim al-Janabi is intended to be used as ground for the exchange of accusations and the promotion of sectarian divisions, advising everyone not to be partners of the murderers in their crime and help them achieve their goals whether on purpose or not and stressing the importance of acting with severity against anyone who may try to manipulate the blood of Iraqis, their future and their unity. Addressing the security apparatuses in the serious circumstances the country is going through, he said that they must be more vigilant, cautious and careful and work with competence and in coordination to minimize such violations against the State and its institutions, explaining that the Iraqis ran out of patience and are fed up since they still hear the same illogic justifications by some military leaders.  
After the Events of Egypt, All Arab and Muslim States are at Risk of Falling in Chaos
His eminence indicated that the developments in Egyptian Sinai and the assault on a number of Copt Egyptian citizens on Libyan territory were expected to him although they surprised some. He reminded the attendees of the previous warnings he had launched more than once about how terrorism is not a situation particular to Iraq but a malignant tumor that nothing can prevent from spreading and that no state in the region can keep away from as it is a matter of time. His eminence assured that all Arab and Muslim States are at strong risk of falling in chaos and that terrorism is no longer limited to a specific organization or area or to a defined cause, it has become today a fast spreading culture especially that the passageways of aberrant thought are still open and are strengthening terrorism through deviant justifications and fatwas that give it the religious cover it needs. Sayyid Al Hakim stated that terrorism cannot be defeated with just military and security means but should be fought at the intellectual, cultural and public levels, calling to make the battle against terrorism global and with multiple fronts. Furthermore, his eminence pointed out that some think that ISIS, based on its literature and slogans, has come to kill the Shias, but it has appeared that it is killing both Shias and Sunnis, warning that ISIS would kill much more of our Sunni brothers than Shias or adepts of other religious and that it will turn into a malignant cancer spreading in many Arab and regional states. He also stressed the need to join efforts aiming to face terrorism from Mosul to Benghazi, describing ISIS as a smirch on the nation that allowed people with deviant thought to disseminate their poisoned ideas, thus giving birth to ISIS and its sister groups.  
The Killing of the Muslim Family in the United States Has Demonstrate the Global Confusion in Defining Terrorism
His eminence spoke about the killing of the Muslim family in the United States based on racist motives, expressing his discontent with the global reaction which he described as deplorable and shameful, as no condemnation was voiced, no worldwide marches were organized. He also wondered what the reaction would have been if the victims were from another religion, adding that even the American President was several days late in issuing a condemnation of the assassination of entire American family. His eminence asked if there could be a clearer illustration of the concept of double standards, or a clearer demonstration of the global confusion in defining terrorism. He explained that, at the world level, a murderer is seen as a thief if black, as a terrorist if Muslim, and a self-defense if from another religion. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim clarified in this regard that terrorism is one because it always results from a deviant thought whether the person with such thought is Muslim, Christian or Jew, assuring that this kind of thought is what produces terrorism and terrorists. His eminence finally wondered why these double standards and why this shameful, yet comprehensive, global attitude, considering that the double standards and selective treatment of values are part of the deviant thought and among the factors that support the growth of terrorism.