On Wednesday 15th of February, 2012. Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stressed, in his speech delivered during the cultural weekly meeting, that his recent visit to the province of Nineveh, based on national principles of communicating with the Iraqi citizen, wherever he is, to see his problems and concerns, calling the politicians to intensify their meetings of the Preparatory Committee to the National Meet, and to have a week called (a week of national understanding), appealing to the political powers to stop the fiery media statements, to boost confidence and create an environment of national understanding.
His Eminence stressed that the political problem is not in finding solutions, but in the lack of real will to apply these solutions, pointing to the large number of initiatives that were released and weren't taken out at the time, but after a while, indicating that his visit to Mosul is of proud of the sons of Iraq, whatever their religious, nationalistic or doctrinal, pointing out that this visit is one of many visits to the provinces in the South, the middle of Euphrates and the western provinces and Kurdistan Region as well.

Message of harmony and coexistence among Iraqis
Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem said that the letter carried by the sons of Mosul, which says (We carry to you a message of love, harmony and coexistence from Baghdad, the capital, Basra, Najaf and Karbala, and the rest of the governorates of Iraq as well), stressing that the principle of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and one clear that the strength of all the Iraqis is from among them and their union, stressing that there
is no security in any part of Iraq unless these is security in the other part of it, because all Iraqis are as one body and one people.
His Eminence stressed that the principle of the Supreme Council is not a just a political slogan, but rather is an approach adopted and adhered to by standing with all of the people, referring to tax big pay as a result communicate with the Iraqi people, indicating to the great tax of stopping beside all of the Iraqi people nd expressing his regret that nowadays is the time alignments and auctions as an easy way of attracting the public opinion, but His Eminence said that the principle of the Supreme Council is open to the people, all of them, and everyone is going to be convinced that this principle represents the best solution to treat the problems, stressing that the Supreme Council does not work in politics but for serving the people, to reduce their suffering, enhance the security and the well-being and prosperity for the Iraqi citizens, expressing his confidence of the awareness of the Iraqi people and its ability to recognize and diagnose truthful persons more than others and those who wants to build than others, pointing that building is more difficult than demolition, therefore, that the Supreme Council chose the most difficult way to serve to the people.

The policy of local communication and regional openness
His Eminence said the openness policy at inside the country is as the same one of the international and regional relationships through communication and clarifying the vision of Iraqis that the neighboring and regional countries for all Iraqis in order to gain a bigger role in Iraq, and any country deals with a part of Iraqi people over another one, will lose much, pointing to the need to build stable relations with neighboring and the regional countries starting from the principle of respect for sovereignty and common interests, pointing to the need to understand the complications in these countries, refusing to put Iraq as a part of these complications
Sayeed al- Hakeem said the impression that resulted of his visit to Nineveh with a number of its cities and towns like; Sinjar, Tal Afar, Bartella, the Nineveh Plain and Hamdania, and Nimrod as well, is the same impression which was found in the rest of the governorates of Iraq, indicating that the people have a single message, which is the proud of diversity of Iraq and a strong focus on standardization of the situation, His Eminence said the pluralism is the fate of Iraqis and they are proud and are eager to strengthen the relationship among them, clarifying that the problem is between the politicians themselves and not among the people calling the politicians to learn from the Iraqi people, their culture of unity and solidarity, pointing out that the people of Nineveh, like the rest of the people of the other provinces, have severe blames severe in the way of distributing the wealth and waste a lot of them and the conflict among politicians for the positions and the continuous bleeding of Iraqi people, hoping that they would find more respect for the citizen and more attention for his problems and issues, stressing that citizens' concerns are the responsibility of the officials. 

Iraqi’s destiny is to live in peace
His Eminence confirmed in his speech during the Cultural Forum that any one wants to change the Iraqi peaceful coexistence will deny the Iraqi history and change its present and future as this will increase the suffering of the Iraqis, asking “if we used to live in peace, being unified and work as one team, then why don’t we do so and live together based on this option?”, in addition His Eminence forwarded his thanks to the people of Nineveh for their great feelings, hospitality and huge reception of His Eminence during the tour around the districts and towns of Nineveh

Our political crisis, because the lack of the will into apply solutions
Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem said that the paperwork, initiatives and presented principles to the Preparatory Committee for the National Meeting are the same topics that he referred to during the past al-Fitr feast about 6 months ago, stressing that the problem does not stop by the vision itself but it’s all about the serious will to work for solutions, forwarding his question “if these solutions are serious, then why everyone ignore it before it’s too late” , noting that the initiatives made by the Supreme Council were open to those who want to be adopted, stressing that the important is to address the country problems so the initiative can find out some solutions, noting that everyone must take the responsibility for the success of the National Meeting to result a reassuring messages and achieves more services to the people, calling the political parties to decrease their personal demands for their partners, to avoid any crises if the National Meeting fail.

The week of national harmony
His Eminence urged to double meetings of the Preparatory Committee that have a week “national harmony“ to end the crisis as soon as possible, as the political parties have to stop the mistaken media statements to boost the confidence and create an environment of understanding, noting that the success requires the loyalty of everyone to the homeland, stressing that the nationalism means to take the responsibility, and that means everyone must express his commitment and responsibility towards the nation and people at all times.

A monthly meeting for the Cabinet in each province
Sayeed Amar al-Hakim praised the latest government’s move in adoption the meeting of the Council of Ministers in the province of Basra, which resolved almost 80 % of the problems in Basra and granted that province wide reforms to provide better services to the citizen, as it’s good step to reduces the gap between the official and the citizen and restores confidence to the people, calling on the Iraqi government to continue this policy that there will be one session per month in all Iraqi provinces to discuss the problems of the people and resolve it.
Al-Hakeem also emphasized the need to activate the article “21” - provincial councils, which gives more powers to local governments and assist other Iraqi ministries in service to solve problems

The anti - poverty strategy
Sayeed al-Hakeem stressed the need to develop a clear anti-poverty strategy especially when the reports confirmed that the number of Iraqis below the poverty line are yet 7 million lives in one of the richest countries in the region, indicating that the required strategy is intended to develop solutions, treatments and scientific plans to observe the poor level in the country, praising the opening for the first floating platform to export crude oil, considering it as An important step to strengthen the infrastructure of oil sector in Iraq.

The popular protests’ outbreak in Bahrain
Al-Hakim memorized the outbreak anniversary of the popular protests in Bahrain, stressing on the need to have an internal solution to the problem of Bahrain, emphasizing need of Bahrain leadership to hear its people, noting that the opportunity is still available to ensure harmony and stability in that country, in addition his Eminence stressed the need for Syria to have a Syrian solution, but not the solutions that come from outside the borders, citing the experience of Iraq and calling on the Syrian parties to sit together to the rounded table