Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), stressed that returning to Allah Almighty brings about for man the ability to connect with the Absolute, the Truth, stressing the need to benefit from the experiences of past nations.
During his talk in the 15th Ramadan evening, which was held on Saturday, August 4, 2012, at his Baghdad office, His Holiness drew attention to the past nations having been stronger than present ones. He explained saying, “Those who do not derive admonishment from past generations turns to be a lesson himself for those who will follow.” He called for deriving moral lessons and to benefit from the experiences of past nations.
His Holiness also called for verifying the reports circulated by the various news media, explaining that, “Each satellite channel has a plan, a vision and a policy of its own. Among them are those who seek goodness, and among them are those who have agendas of their own,” pointing out in this regard to this verse of the Almighty: “If an open sinner brings you a report, ascertain it.”
His Holiness also reviewed the great Divine Might and the great miracle of creating mankind and the rest of living beings, pointing out in this regard to the belief that has prevailed since time immemorial that the aware cells, those that are conscious, knows and understands, are the brain cells. As for the cells in the other areas of the body, they are not aware. Scientists have discovered 60,000 cells in the heart that are aware, with the brain picking up the signals and taking the facts. He explained that there are many verses, signs and indications in the heavens and on earth, everywhere, that can enhance the status of iman (conviction) and of connection with Allah Almighty, pointing out to this statement by Imam Ali (Ú): “I have never seen a thing except that I saw Allah before, with and after it.