Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), stressed that contemplation is the best form of adoration because it more and more prompts one to undertake the right stances, explaining that contemplation and keeping the Almighty in mind participates in embodying a true worship of Allah Almighty.
His Holiness pointed out in his Sunday talk on August 5, 2012 during the 16th Ramadan eve at his Baghdad office, that an aware worship helps man increase the sum of adorations and in finding pleasure in them. He explained that the best form of adoration is to always think about Allah and His might, drawing attention on adoration being unrestricted to prayers and the fast. Rather, adoration lies also in thinking about Allah Almighty. He stressed that the types of worship vary, and each complements the other. Thus, they help the growth of the individual’s aspect till the latter becomes perfect due to the diversity of these adorations.
His Holiness pointed out to three elements of man’s status and position through a talk by the Commander of the Faithful (Ú), explaining that they are: “Make your heart attentive through contemplation; let your side stay away from the night, and be fearful of Allah, your Lord.” He stressed that a moment of contemplation and focus exceeds in its value the adoration of a full night till the morning, drawing attention to the importance of looking into Allah’s actions, Attributes, Greatness, Might and Knowledge, explaining the importance of prayers and fast provided they are performed with awareness, having thought and morals.
His Holiness stressed the need for man to regulate his time for his own benefit, pointing out in this regard to this tradition of the Messenger of Allah (Õ): “A rational individual must have hours in his day,” pointing out that the first hour is the one in which he addresses his Lord; in the second hour, he contemplates on what Allah has created; in the third hour, he takes to his own privacy to enjoy what is lawful for him; in the fourth hour, one receives admonishment from the world changing from one condition to another. His Holiness stressed that an intelligent individual knows that life in this world is transient and is on its way to extinction.