Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim pointed out that the life of Imam Ali (Ú) was fraught with remembrance of Allah, with work to firm and dedicate the Message-related plan for Allah’s servants, for serving them in life’s affairs. He explained that the Imam (Ú) challenged and exerted many efforts to regulate the Muslims’ life during the period when he was the caliph and in other periods in which he stood to support, assist and advise others to correct the paths and push the nation in the right directions.
The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI) stressed in his talk during the 18th Ramadan eve and the night when Imam Ali (Ú) was wounded, which was held on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at his Baghdad office that Ali (Ú)represents a nation and a plan: “Those to whom people said that the people gathered (hosts) against you, so fear them,” but it only increased their faith and said, “Allah suffices us, how Great He is!” He explained that Ali (Ú) is the scales, the greatest Siddeeq, citing evidence from the Holy Qur’an that whenever Ali (Ú) spoke, he always did so collectively rather than individually, explaining that the greatness of Ali (Ú) comes from having been raised in the laps of the Messenger of Allah (Õ) and drank of the springs of that great Message-related plan brought by the Holy Prophet (Õ).
His Holiness pointed out to a tradition by the Messenger of Allah about Ali’s distinction and greatness: “Whoever rejects his being the Imam rejects my being the Prophet; whoever denies his being the emir denies my Message. Whoever denies his distinction demeans me. Whoever fights him fights me. Whoever taunts him taunts me because he was created of my own mold; he is husband of Fatima, my daughter, and the father of both my sons, al-Hassan and al-Hussain.” His Holiness stressed that Ali (Ú) is the one who distinguishes between right and wrong, pointing out to this statement by the Greatest Prophet: “When inclinations vary, when views differ, you have to stick to Ali ibn Abu Talib for he is the Imam of my nation, my successor over them after my demise, and he is the Farouq, the one who distinguishes between right and wrong.” His Holiness stressed that victory, success and gain necessitate rallying behind Ali (Ú) and upholding his straight Message path in order to get rid of the repercussions of the Judgment Day.