Sayeed Amar- al-Hakeem, head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq sent a congratulatory telegram to the to the chairman of the Egyptian Parliament, Dr. Mohamed Sa’ad al-Katatni, stressing the permanent keenness on Iraq in developing the relations between the people of Egypt and Iraq, the following is the text of the telegram:

 Dr. Muhammad Sa’ad Al-Katatni
 Chairman of the Egyptian Parliament

 Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah
 I would like to congratulate you for the success of the legislative elections and electing you to the presidency of  the Egyptian Parliament, which comes in exceptional circumstances experienced by the Republic of Egypt and the Arab region, which witnesses a state of political instability, and as I look forward to your contributions in order to achieve the aspirations of the Egyptian people and to ensure security, stability and prosperity and promote its positive role in the treatment of issues in the region and the world and achieve the aspirations of their people, I would like to reaffirm our commitment to constant development of relations between the peoples of Egypt and Iraq ..

 With my best wishes

Amar al-Hakeem
Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq
Rabee’ al-Awal, 1433 Hijri
8th of February, 2012