The unity of the subject and meaning:

The logo of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq is characterized by its unity in representation the stream of popular, national and Muslim believers which believes in human liberty and dignity, and the country's freedom and independence, for these reasons the logo symbols integrated to reflect the content of the curriculum and thoughts of al-Mihrab Martyr stream as a political action and social approach in which all Hakeem family toughly follow, the sons of al-Hakeem generous school

The hands are intertwined in order to bring the victory Arc which is our only option but no other for the Islamic formation shapes in drawing as the logo shows, the logo also contains the victory Arc, which highly rose to host inside it the words of Allah to emphasize the unity and cooperation to achieve the Islamic and humanitarian noble goals, and here the view became integrated in the faith of these palms and unity, cooperation and obedience to the orders of Allah our God as the noble aim in its march towards achieving the service of the legitimate rights and community dimension within the Islamic view adopted

This briefing unitary joint of its Islamic depth contained the map the homeland and Iraqi date palm tree centered as the Iraqi goodness, generosity and steadfastness symbol which its qualities are mixing with the qualities of the Iraqi character personality of generous, kind and forbearing, it became a symbol of a people who gives more than what he takes and leaves its effects over the years with pride, so the Iraqi people remains standing until the end, and even if it dies, it dies standing up as the Iraqi people as his date palm tree.

In addition to the view of Iraq map and its contents in the logo, the brightness flame comes which expresses the essence of al-Hakeem family philosophy in the tender to broke the darkness in all its humanitarian, social, ideological and political senses, so it faces the Black bad as its facing to the nescience and Retardation, so the lights moves between a struggle against a tyrant and a work to raise the word of Allah.

 The components of the logo:

The Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq’s logo consists the following:

1. The incantation of Quran:

It says the approach of al-Hakeem family holds the national Islamic commandment of Allah’s will to the believers in cooperate for the good.

2. The Supreme Council’s goals:

The freedom is the goal of the librarian, as there will be no freedom without independence when decision, because the Justice leads to the all rights.

3. The Islamic victory Arc:

The victory is what al-Hakeem family decided to choose but nothing else, as Islam is over all of the tendencies and trends, we make victory for Allah and the nation and in Allah we trust to reach the victory.

4. The interlocking palms:

The unity is approach as the cooperation is a commitment, with the unity we protect the country and raise the word of Allah so in cooperation we maintain the rights, peace and goodness.

5. The Iraqi nation’s map:

Iraq is a country of our ancestors, Iraq of Imams Ali and Hussein, Iraq of this great people and our homeland and all of its honorable sons, a homeland of all nationalities and believes the homeland of all religions and sects as we defend its rights and safeguard its unity.

6. The Iraqi date palm tree:

The symbol of good, tender, dignity and greatness, a tree of the Iraqi proud character that does not bend no matter how heated are ugly.

7. The flame:

Al-Hakeem family approach is the leadership which shows us the way and disperses the darkness of tyranny and fills our space with the light of science in order to clear out the darkness, Al-Hakeem family approach gives but do not takes away and burns to light to show others the path.

The logo colors:

1. The green color:

The color of good, peace, hope, Islam, Muhammad theory and freedom, It reflects to the Islamic approach in dealing, thinking, the depth of al-Hakeems curriculum in seeking the good for the people and nation, it is the methodology of initial messianic giving in holding freedom and rejection the despotism and tyranny. The green color reflects the desire to understand and collaborate with others, it is a color of simplicity and clarity.

2. The yellow color:

The color of revolution, change, enthusiasm, altruism, a sunshine to announce for the birth a new day, freedom, light, confidence, determination, renewal, development, wisdom, reflection and color of hope in which described by Allah as (pleased the viewers)

As a public Islamic and national theory, based on rules of intellectual work for the rights and the relentless pursuit to change the reality for the better, and as a methodology rooted in the personal followers of confidence and determination to overcome difficulties, and working to implant hope for the people of Iraq a better tomorrow, which is characterized by the yellow color.

The yellow color reflects new ideas from the future, and this in harmony with the characteristics of the curriculum of al-Hakeems qualities of this color is a symbol of light and rich intellectual and is characterized by the ability to promote the vitality and creativity.

3. The sun rays:

The sun of Islam shines in right and justice, the sun of Iraq shines in goodness and peace, the sun of al-Hakeems which publish its rays upon all.

((Our sun will never rest))