(Our Youths): Setting out of his aware realization of the importance of the youths, His Eminence let this subject occupy a clear space in his movement and address. This is a group of speeches and sermons which His Eminence Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim delivered on various occasions. They carry contexts that focus on: acquainting the youths of their role, sparking the flame of their self-confidence, attracting the public opinion and of the attention of officials and government institutions to the necessity of caring for the youths, solving their problems and granting them the natural opportunities to assume their role in building and developing the homeland, highlighting the spiritual values, alerting about the ways for dealing with problems, organizing efforts and making them serve the issues of concern to the youth segment, stirring and deepening the general awareness of the message of the youths and investing a stage that does not recur in man’s lifespan through the conduct that is accepted by Islam and required by the values, traditions and the spirituality of true nationalism.