Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, in a speech delivered during his visit to several schools in Baghdad Monday 2/10/2017, for the occasion of the new school year, stressed the importance of reading the law on protection of teachers for a second time, pass it in parliament and make education in the country a highest priority, stressed the need to consolidate the citizenship spirit in the hearts of students.


His eminence stressed the importance of integrating the elements of the four educational and pedagogical reality; the teacher, student, school and curriculum.


His eminence stated that he gives education a high priority in the workshops held outside the limelight and in the studies that are preparing for this stage and his efforts to develop a vision for an advanced educational system aimed at pushing the legislative and executive institutions to give the largest allocations to the educational system.


His eminence pointed out that the educational situation must witness a great revolution and tremendous development, the beginning starts of the teacher being the focus in the educational process, stressed the importance of honoring teachers and the society should show respect, appreciation and reverence to the teacher, this is done through several measures, including the law of teacher protection, and the need to approve this law as soon as possible, attacks on teachers is completely unacceptable.


His eminence pointed out that the moral, legal and sensible care to the teacher is very necessary, called on the government to distribute plots of land to teachers and provide banking advances to provide them with housing at the very least, plus enlisting them in training and development courses.


His eminence stressed that the teacher feeling that he has immunity when moving in society or practice his duties in the school is a fundamental issue and this needs support and assistant from media to create a public opinion understanding and supportive to the teacher, pointed to the need to provide teachers an appropriate climate within the school to give present his full efforts no different during tutoring session.


His eminence pointed to the importance of building students' personalities, paying attention to the patriotic and national dimension, establishing citizenship among the students, and paying attention to Islamic and national values and principles rather than merely teaching lessons., stressed the need for a comprehensive review of curricula and methods of teaching, keeping abreast of global development, and attention to school facilities and work on expanding it.