Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, at the founding conference in his office in Baghdad Saturday 2/12/2017 counted that the founding conference of the Al-Hikma National Movement, which resulted in conference of the General Authority, the Political Bureau and the Head of the Movement, is unique for its openness to national scope and the participation of youth up to 70% and 25% of women in the General Authority and in the Political Bureau, indicated that the conference is the expression of a new phase and does not reflect a new start, because the movement has a hundred-year-old roots with Imam Hakim’s (sanctify his soul) religious authority and seventy years since the arrival of the religious authority’s representative and its ambassador to Baghdad, Sayyid Mahdi al-Hakim (sanctify his soul).
His eminence indicated that the project was carried by the Shahid al-Mihrab (sanctify his soul) and originated by the Iraq Dearest (sanctify his soul), the conference took into account the freedom of expression at regional, geographical and componential representation levels with direct and transparent elections of the movement's sections, expressed his wishes to attend the national representation, but the lack time to know the candidates prevented it , but the required roles of the 117 participants are not limited to a specific detail
His eminence stressed that Al-Hikma is a national movement aimed at building a modern state on the basis of national identity, economic development and social justice stemming from that Iraq contains an Iraqi nation that have multiple societies, emphasized on the independence of Iraqi decision and raising the slogan of Iraq Comes First, plus empowering young people and join them with experts and skilled individuals, the movement trend is moderation, fairness and rejuvenation, with exception of standards, and work on emerging a new generation without frustration. His eminence stressed that the movement will not tolerate corruption, has mechanisms to combat it internally, will not cover any corrupt individual and is demanding members to submit their financial audit.
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim reiterated the vision of the movement regarding dialogue and openness to everyone, field action and provide service, resolve the issues with Kurdistan through dialogue, the Constitution and the law, and hold the elections on schedule, and resettlement of displaced families, the reconstruction of liberated cities and cities of liberators, his eminence promised to provide the best candidates and completion of the National Front in preparation for forming the national majority government.
His eminence emphasized on the strategic relationship with Iran by virtue of joint matters, the openness to the Arab world and the change of Iraq, reiterating his call for a regional dialogue that fortifies the region and defines areas of influence.