Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, during a meeting with a number of martyrs’ families in his office in Baghdad Thursday, 14/12/2017 urged all governmental institutions handling martyrs to take care of martyrs’ families, and work to honor their memories and document of these feats, noted that care provision and documentation are part of people's loyalty towards martyrs.
His eminence emphasized that documentation and commemoration to martyrs comes through honoring martyrs and value martyrdom as a history and culture of the homeland by naming streets and squares after martyrs and notice their families of dignity and honor, called for providing needs to families including housing, employment and solve their legal issues, indicated that there are unsettled problems in compensations and beneficiaries cases and delivering payments to beneficiaries according to their right. His eminence indicated that all words fail to acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices of mothers and fathers, wives and sons and brothers of martyrs.