Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, attended a meeting with the chairman and members of Karrada Local Council Baghdad, Thursday, 28/12/2017, his eminence stressed the need to address infringements according to the law, stressed the need to achieve victory in service to complete the streak of achieved victories.
His eminence listened to the inputs of Karrada Local Council and members of the Baghdad Provincial Council participating in the meeting, congratulated the victories achieved and the liberation of cities and for the new year, pointed out that the current priority is services and officials should significantly focus on this aspect.
His eminence emphasized that Karrada area is an important pillar of the national Islamic and Iraqi work, pointed to Karrada area economic and political importance, adding that this importance requires significant strengthening of area security, and work to facilitate the movement of citizens and open roads without impacting security and security planning, called to the need to provide public security for both citizens and the officials.
His eminence promised the chairman and members of the Local Council to convey the concerns and the issues of the Karrada area to the Prime Minister and relevant ministries and encourage to find solutions follow up on finding solutions, reiterated the importance of implementing the law in addressing and limiting infringements.