Head of the National Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, in his office met a number of youth groups of Karbala province Saturday 30/12/2017 , called on the Iraqi voter to make a good selection of runners and present the efficient team, indicated that things became clear to everyone and the Iraqi citizen is able to distinguish whom provided service from whom stepped back and stumbled, a good selection of characters means victory over the challenge of services and maintain the victories achieved and has become an example for the entire world.
His eminence explained that Iraq is going through a sensitive and historical stage, pointed out that the Al-Hikma National Movement is a movement of youth and service, and worked to achieve the real representation of society through the presence of young people commensurate with their weight in community and the presence of women commensurate with the status of women and their role in society therefore a 25% quota was allocated for women in all of the Al-Hikma National Movement departments, yet the movement is proud of seniors and appreciate their experience and professionalism that will be complementary to the young people spirit, giving and energy.