Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, in a meeting with a group of youth competencies in Maysan province Wednesday 14/2/2018, called on Iraqi youth to assume their responsibilities and take the initiative, indicated that the opportunities are to be taken and not to be given and all young initiator people must be empowered.
His eminence emphasized on participation of young people in the upcoming elections and that the percentage of their participation should be in line with their statistical size, noted that the Al-Hikma National Movement has spared no effort in decreasing the nomination age in order to suit the right of youth Iraqi to establish a party as provided by the law, but the only age that was agreed upon was 28 years old. His eminence indicated that students grant can be re-established if liquidity is available, the university student has the right to be granted a sum of money by the state to help him in the study, called for investing energy and young age to serve youth and Iraq.