Head of the National Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, during his tour to Muthanna province, met governor of Muthanna province, Mr. Falih al-Ziyadi Thursday 22/2/2018.
His eminence with Ziyadi discussed the status of service in the province, and stressed the importance of providing services using the available resources, praised the efforts of Muthanna province in the face of dictatorship and combating terrorism, especially confronting Daesh, indicated that Muthanna is one of the important provinces, and its value is not to be measured by its population. His eminence highlighted the importance of caring for the martyrs’ families, especially the martyrs of the popular mobilization forces and ease their suffering. His eminence pointed to the necessity of diversify the province resources and make creative solutions, coordinate and cooperate with professionals to find solutions.